Costco's Churro Ice Cream Hack Is What Food Court Dreams Are Made Of

Costco is a great place to stock up on grocery items, but the retailer is also known for its food court. It's the perfect place to grab a bite after a shopping trip, and its offerings are surprisingly good considering their low prices. Costo's hot dogs are famous for being cheap and delicious, and the store's pizzas and desserts attract just as many customers. The internet has even come up with hacks to enhance Costco's food court menu, and one trend takes its churros to the next level.

The hack combines Costco's twisty cinnamon snack with its ice cream sundaes. Currently, the retailer sells its vanilla ice cream plain, with chocolate sauce or a berry topping. The churros mesh well with either of these concoctions, and they fit easily into the cups they're served in. While restaurants and fast food joints may sell similar sundaes, putting one together from Costco's offerings is a way to save money and enjoy a sweet treat all at once.

Costco's churro sundae hack enhances its new recipe

A cheap treat is reason enough to try Costco's churro sundae hack, but the trend also makes its churros taste better. The chain revamped its churro offering in 2021, with a new recipe that made customers think twice before ordering the Costco food court favorite. Before then, Costco's dessert had the straight appearance of a typical churro, not its current curly look. Customers have taken to Reddit to complain that the old churros were crunchier and tastier. For many, the new ones simply don't compare.

The internet's churro sundae hack can help on that front, as Costco's soft serve will balance the new recipe's drier texture. The ice cream will soak into the retailer's churros, simultaneously infusing them with much-needed additional flavor. The chocolate and berry sauces spice up this dessert further. There's a reason dipping sauces are offered on the side of churros at so many restaurants, and adding them to Costco's will turn an otherwise dull snack into a decadent dessert option.