Izze Flavors Ranked From Worst To Best

Have you ever heard of Izze's fizzy fruit drinks? If not, allow us to introduce you. These bubbly beverages are packed with soft, sweet, and fruity flavors that may have you skipping your typical daily can of soda. These drinks contain no added sugar but instead are sweetened with a blend of specially selected fruit juices to emulate all your favorite fruit flavors.

Recently, we've set out to taste all the Izze flavors we could get our hands on to see how they rank amongst one another. We'll preface this post by saying that nearly all the Izze drinks were tasty. This made it difficult to place any one flavor at the bottom of the barrel. Still, we're here to give you a sneak peek into which flavors truly shine and which you might want to hold off on.

We do want to note that we weren't able to snag any of the lemonade flavors, but honestly, we're sure they're just as good as the others on the list. Enough with the suspense — it's time to savor the fizz-tastic journey through Izze's sparkling fruit juice flavors as we fearlessly rank them from not-so-great to amazing.

9. Pomegranate

First up on the list and ranking the lowest out of all Izze sparkling juice flavors is Izze Pomegranate. For some reason, this flavor was the most bitter out of the lineup, which for us, was totally unexpected. Still, when we took a look at the ingredients on the label, it becomes a little more apparent as to why the sip hit our tongues in such an aggressive way.

Interestingly, this fizzy beverage doesn't simply contain pomegranate juice, but contains cranberry juice as well. It makes sense then that this drink would have a bitter essence since both pomegranate and cranberry juice are quite assertive in their purest state. It's possible that the manufacturer found it difficult to mask these sharp flavors without the use of sugar to take the edge off a bit.

That being said, we still truly appreciate Izze's concerted effort to keep table sugar out of these tasty fizzy drinks. And to be honest, if you love pomegranate and cranberry flavors, you'll likely get a kick out of this one even if it isn't the one with the smoothest flavor out of the bunch.

8. Strawberry

The strawberry Izze flavor is a relatively new addition to the lineup. Because of this, we were excited to sample this one, especially since it isn't every day you get to taste a strawberry-flavored soda — and a healthy one, at that.

So, how'd it fare? Eh, it was okay. It definitely had some strawberry notes but there was nothing particularly special about this one. Since other Izze flavors include interesting juice additions, we thought this one might feature something exciting to take the strawberry flavor to the next level. Instead, we saw that Izze simply added its base apple juice flavor to strawberry to achieve this drink's strawberry taste.

Again, the Izze Strawberry fizz isn't bad and it's definitely strawberry-forward, but there was something about this one that was just kind of dull. We're thinking a splash of lemon juice could perk it up a bit, but without that, we'd rank this one as average overall.

7. Blackberry

Mmmm ... we have to admit that a blackberry-flavored soda sounds totally delicious. And this fun flavor is nowhere near what we'd consider to be gross. So why does it rank so low on the list? The main reason we couldn't rank this one higher is that it doesn't exactly taste like blackberry the way that we hoped it would.

We get it. Blackberry is a unique flavor that's hard to replicate. It's sweet with a distinct tartness to it that is likely very difficult to get just right. Still, in comparison to other Izze flavors that have managed to get the essence of the fruit they've set out to reproduce spot on, we'd say Izze missed the mark a bit on this one. With that said, you can expect the Izze Blackberry flavor to be similar in taste to that of triple-berry juice. It definitely has a general berry "vibe" but without hitting any exact blackberry notes in particular. We're thinking this is likely due to the raspberry and grape juices Izze also included in the blend.

Despite all of this, the Izze Blackberry flavor is still a solid grab, so don't let our general opinion discourage you from picking it up. But if you're looking for an exact replica of blackberry essence, you might want to reduce your expectations.

6. Grapefruit

Grapefruit? Uh-oh. If you've ever had the pleasure of sampling this controversially bitter yet ridiculously healthy fruit, you likely either love it or hate it. As for us, we love the taste of grapefruit, but weren't quite sure how'd it measure up as a fun and fizzy flavor in a fruit juice soda.

Surprisingly, the Izze Grapefruit flavor isn't bad. Though true grapefruit enthusiasts may be a bit disappointed at the lack of the bitter and tart flavor often associated with grapefruit, we were pleased by the smooth yet decidedly bright taste this sip held. It's bright and citrusy, with just enough grapefruit flavor presence to justify its title. We'd totally purchase this one again and love to drink it with heavier-tasting dishes like burritos and tacos to bring balance to our palates.

All in, all this one's a win, even if it doesn't taste exactly like grapefruit. Honestly, we're not sure how much we'd like this one if it did.

5. Clementine

We struggled with where to place this one, and not because it wasn't good. Though we loved the taste, we wondered whether it was going to cater to some palates over others, despite its seemingly docile title.

While you might expect a Clementine Izze to have a subtle orange taste, we found this healthier-for-you soda to pack quite a punch in terms of boldness. That light mandarin-style flavor we expected was more like a robust navel orange ... and then some.

If we were to really try to pin down exactly what the Clementine Izze flavor tastes like, we'd say it tastes almost exactly like real orange soda. Its big, bad, and bold flavor may be too much for some, especially if you were expecting something a little more delicate. Still, those who have a hankering for orange Fanta but might want to opt for something a little lighter will likely really dig this one. The flavor is almost exactly the same but without all the added sugar.

4. Apple

Apple-flavored sparkling water sounds kind of hum-drum, if you ask us. And in a way, we aren't wrong. The Apple Izze isn't exactly unique and if you aren't an apple juice fan, you likely won't find yourself blown away after drinking this concoction, either.

You may then wonder why we've given the Apple Izze such a high place on our lineup of Izze rankings. Well, the reason is simple. Though the Apple Izze isn't particularly innovative, it is very good. In fact, this is one of the flavors we think Izze did a wonderful job not only replicating but even improving upon. The apple taste is definitely there, but there's a bit more oomph to it than apple juice. It somehow tastes brighter, lighter, and cleaner than your typical apple juice gulp.

Does this mean everyone will love it? Likely not. But it is an inoffensive beverage that makes for the ultimate go-to, especially when you've got little ones that tend to turn their nose up at anything even remotely "weird." Thus, if you see Apple-flavored Izze, we'd say go for it. It's actually quite enjoyable despite our previous assumptions.

3. Mango

We”re arriving now upon some of our favorite flavors of the Izze lineup. Izze's Mango has earned its place among some of the best-tasting fizzy juice drinks Izze has to offer. We had to do a little hunting for this flavor as it wasn't as widely available in our area as some of the others, but we were able to track it down, and it was love at first sip.

We will warn you here, the taste of this dreamy beverage isn't exclusively mango. Actually, we were quite surprised not to see more juice flavors than just red radish, mango, and apple juice on the ingredient list. Why? Because to us, this Izze Mango flavor has something very tropical to it that hits our taste buds in just the right way. It seems to have a pineapple or coconutty backdrop, although there is no evidence of these flavors on the label anywhere in sight.

We're willing to assume that all that tropical essence comes from blending mango juice with red radish and apple juice in just the right way. No matter which way you slice it, one thing's for certain, and that is that the Mango Izze is a great way to beat thirst when you're looking for something tasty to drink. Bottoms up to the ultimate thirst-quencher.

2. Peach

Next up on our list is the Peach Izze flavor. We didn't go into this one with high hopes because, usually, anything labeled "peach" tends to be dull and unexciting (at least in our experience). Surprisingly, however, Izze's peach flavor was a wallop to our tongue, and we mean that in the very best possible way.

The flavor comes off as sharp, clear, cool, and refreshing. Izze was able to get the peach flavor down pat and there's even a little added brightness to it to keep it from becoming too drab. Actually, what Izze did with this flavor (and even the apple flavor) is what we really wish it had done with the strawberry. There's not a hint of dullness here, and the flavor profile is right on point.

We obviously loved the peach flavor and thus had to give it the coveted number two spot. It was totally unexpected, and we loved every bit of it.

1. Cherry Lime

After tasting each of the Izze sparkling juice flavors, we have to say, we're impressed. There weren't any that were totally disgusting out of the bunch, but there was one in particular that stood a head above the rest.

The Izze Cherry Lime flavor is in a league of its own. The Izze company somehow managed to achieve the absolute perfect cherry flavor without a hint of bitterness or that overwhelming "cough syrup" taste so frequently associated with cherry flavors. The cherry essence is perfectly executed here, offering a smooth and sweet taste while remaining lively enough to keep your tongue intrigued with every new sip.

The only bad thing we'll mention about this flavor (which may not prove bad at all for some) is that the "lime" aspect was definitely missing. Though present in the ingredients (along with a bit of lemon thrown in for good measure), the lime flavor doesn't overwhelmingly shine through. This may be a good or bad thing, depending on your preference for it. For us, this Izze flavor came out just perfect.