Yes, You Can Freeze Heavy Cream

Freezing heavy cream is a daring move, indeed! Fear not! With airtight containers and proper labeling, it can survive the icy depths. Freezing heavy cream is best done to extend its shelf life, and if you have excess and don't plan to use it immediately, it is your best option. When frozen, heavy cream's shelf life can be significantly extended (up to four months), giving you ample time to get the most out of your dairy product. Heavy cream is like any other milk product. However, it is much thicker due to its high-fat content. 

Heavy cream's fat content tends to stay around 36% to 40%, unlike its cousin half and half (half cream, half milk), which has a fat content of approximately 10% to 18%. Heavy cream can be used in coffee creamer, to thicken sauces, in baked goods, or even to make whipped cream toppings. But what happens when you need to thaw your frozen heavy cream? Thawing heavy cream requires a dash of patience. We recommend pulling your frozen cream out about 24 hours ahead of time and letting it thaw in the fridge. Avoid microwaving or leaving it at room temperature to thaw, as these methods can lead to unpleasant texture changes or bacteria growth. When your heavy cream reaches room temperature, it is ready to be used. And if you experience any separation, throw it in the mixer. 

Tips for properly freezing your heavy cream

There are a few trusty methods for freezing heavy cream to keep it in top-notch condition. The first is to stick the whole carton in the freezer. However, this only works if it's unopened. If you have opened your carton, don't panic. There are several other ways you can freeze it. Grab some zip-lock baggies, and pour in your leftover liquid. Make sure to leave some room for expansion. Seal them up tight, ensuring no air gets inside. Alternatively, you can opt for tightly sealed containers to safeguard the cream from unwanted ice crystals or the dreaded freezer burn. These undesirable results are because of moisture loss and exposure to oxygen, so it's essential to ensure your lid is securely fastened. 

Our last technique is to use ice cube trays for precisely portioned amounts. Just pour the cream into the tray, and freeze for the perfect treat for your iced coffees and other drinks. You can also add these cubes to sauces and soups to add a creamy texture. But let's say you whipped up your heavy cream into whipped cream. Well, you can freeze that, too. Freeze your whipped topping in a piping bag, or get creative and freeze small dollops or swirls perfect for dropping into your hot cocoa or coffee. So chill out, and utilize your freezer to avoid food waste.