Burger King Launches Its Own Version Of McDonald's Snack Wraps

Considering the ongoing beef between the major fast food chains, it should come as little surprise that Burger King has decided to release its take on the McDonald's Snack Wrap. Earlier this year, Wendy's came for McDonald's with its new wraps, essentially telling fans that if they couldn't get their beloved snack wrap at McDonald's, they could get it elsewhere.

Starting August 14, Burger King will offer three variations of its BK Royal Crispy Wraps: classic, honey mustard, and spicy. To be fair, there are a few differences between the chains' wraps. Burger King's wraps include crispy chicken, lettuce, tomato, and sauce in a tortilla, while McDonald's wraps included crispy or grilled chicken, lettuce, cheese, and sauce.

However, in terms of price, the two are very similar. McDonald's sold its wraps for just under $2, with the low-cost-to-high-effort ratio contributing to the item being discontinued. In turn, Burger King is selling its wraps for around $2.99 during their limited run.

Customers are excited to try Burger King's new snack wraps

Without a doubt, people have been wanting the McDonald's Snack Wraps back since they were discontinued in 2016. More than 18,000 people have signed a Change petition in an attempt to get the chain's attention, to no avail.

In the meantime, wrap lovers are expected to turn to Burger King's spin on the beloved menu item. A Burger King alumni post on Facebook advised BK locations to beef up their inventory, with another BK worker commenting that their store had been involved in the wraps' test run, and they were a huge hit with customers. Still, others gleefully declared the BK wraps to be a symbolic middle finger to McDonald's.

Of course, not everyone is entirely on board. Some are skeptical, insisting that no wrap could ever be as good as the McDonald's Snack Wrap. Other Facebook users complained that BK would likely "overcook the chicken and overload the sauce and toppings like usual." While that may be true, the same could happen with any fast food chicken wrap –- even the beloved McDonald's Snack Wrap.