Jam Is The Not-So-Secret Ingredient You Should Add To Your French Toast

What better way to start your morning than with a meal that doubles as dessert? However, we're not talking about pancakes. Nope, not waffles, either. We're talking about sweet, creamy French toast. Making this morning delicacy is as simple as dipping slices of bread in a mixture of beaten eggs and milk, then cooking them on a buttered pan until golden brown on both sides. Of course, what's a stack of French toast without some powdered sugar and maple syrup? While this is a classic French toast recipe, you can liven up the dish by adding one ingredient: jam.

Jam adds a burst of bright, natural sweetness to the dish that can jazz up a traditional French toast recipe. Butter and eggs have a mild, creamy, and slightly savory taste, while jam boasts a bright, tangy, candied flavor. When combined, they create a complementary balance of flavors. While the butter and eggs also provide a creamy mouthfeel, jam contradicts this with its slightly sticky and delightfully gooey texture, lending each bite a pleasant juxtaposition of flavor and consistency.

One of the most exciting culinary aspects of adding jam to French toast is versatility. From berry jam to apricot, peach, and even coconut jam, there are dozens of ways to amplify a simple French toast recipe with a fruit spread.

Ways to customize jam and French toast

Not only do you have abundant options for the type of jam you top your French toast with, but there are many other ways to customize this jammy, eggy breakfast — the sky is the limit!

For a crunchier texture, sprinkle chopped nuts like almonds, walnuts, or pecans atop the French toast; the slightly salty, roasted flavor pairs well with berry, fig, or apricot jams. Topping the French toast with juicy, whole fruits will add a burst of freshness to each bite. Consider embedding the fruits into the eggy, buttery bread while on the grill for a mouthwatering fruit infusion. 

PB&J fans rejoice! You can top your French toast with creamy nut butter, the jam of your liking, and a drizzle of honey for a sweet floral accent. To make it even more decadent, top a stack of jam-kissed French toast with sweetened condensed milk, whipped cream, and sprinkle with soft powdered sugar. Dare we suggest a chocolate fudge topping?

Don't limit yourself to boring squares, either. Use a pizza cutter or knife to slice your finished product into vertical columns for French toast sticks you can dip straight into your jam jar. You might consider including additional ingredients like hemp seeds for protein, Greek yogurt for a tart and creamy kick, or toasted coconut shavings for sweet, nutty elegance. Whichever way you choose to make jam-infused French toast, have fun!