The Paper Towel Hack That Keeps Pre-Made Salads Fresh

When it comes to convenience, bagged salads are a great option. Since the greens are already cut and washed, all you have to do is tear open the bag and eat. Even when properly stored, cut lettuce only lasts about a week. Once those leaves start to look pale, slimy, wilted, or crushed, they could create intestinal distress, which is anything but convenient.

To keep your cut-and-bagged salad fresh, you must reduce the moisture inside. This is because moisture contains the bacteria that promote decomposition. One of the best and easiest ways to get rid of the excess moisture that can cause your bagged salad to go bad prematurely is to place a paper towel in with your cut salad. Stuff a paper towel in the salad bag, squeeze out the air, and seal with a chip clip. The paper towel will absorb the moisture, helping to keep your salad fresh longer.

Other paper towel hacks that prolong the life of your salad

According to a TikTok video from @kathleenolivieri, you do not need to use the original packaging. If the original salad bag got damaged when opened, you can use a Ziploc bag. For an even better solution, she suggests putting a paper towel on the bottom of an airtight container. Fill it with the leftover greens and place another paper towel on top before sealing. If your paper towel becomes soggy before you finish your salad, swap it out for a fresh one to make sure it is still doing its job of absorbing moisture.


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Before adding a paper towel, there are two other hacks you can use to help keep your cut salad fresh. The first is to run it through a salad spinner, as the top models can remove up to 90% of damaging moisture from your leaves. Second, inspect the salad before storing it. If you find any questionable greens, remove them to prevent the spoilage from spreading.