Blue Motorcycles And Long Island Iced Teas Are Basically The Same Drink

If you fancy the occasional Long Island iced tea, then chances are you would also enjoy a blue motorcycle. With the exception of a couple of ingredients (including one that makes the color pop), it is essentially the same mixed drink. The Long Island iced tea, a booze-laden cocktail consisting of four different liquors, including rum, tequila, vodka, and gin, seems like it should not work. The harmonizing comes with the addition of its various mixers — triple sec, lemon juice, and cola. While you might expect the alcohol components to dominate and overwhelm the senses, the concoction is surprisingly easy to drink, with the splash of cola and lemon juice masking the liquor well.

A blue motorcycle incorporates the same four spirits but swaps the cola for a citrus-flavored soda and exchanges the triple sec for Blue Curaçao. It's even alternately called a blue Long Island iced tea. A blue motorcycle is also considered relatively smooth despite its litany of liquors, so it's probably best to be cautious with both of these libations.

The eyes have it

The visual contrast between the two cocktails is striking, with the Long Island iced tea possessing the dull brown color of the refreshing summer beverage that comprises part of its name. With the addition of Blue Curaçao, a blue motorcycle exhibits a vibrant aquamarine hue that catches the eye.

Although they contain the same liquor lineup, a blue motorcycle tastes a little different because of the Blue Curaçao and the lemon-lime soda mixers. The former brings accents of sweetness and bitterness, while the latter brings a citrusy and slightly more refreshing taste. Some say the Long Island iced tea tastes a little like iced tea or sweet tea. Others contend that the moniker describes its appearance. Mostly though, your palette gets hit with the sweet and sour flavors of the cola and lemon juice. For an extra dose of citrus, both drinks pair well with a lemon or lime garnish. While essentially the same cocktail, there are subtle differences between a Long Island iced tea and a blue motorcycle, but each offers a fun summer tipple for sipping.