Maybe You Shouldn't Make Chicken Noodle Soup In A Sheet Pan

TikTok is known for its highly creative and occasionally destructive food hacks, though some make for better comedy entertainment than meals. One such instance of this bizarre trend comes from a recent TikTok video that shows a user attempting to roast chicken noodle soup in the shallow confines of a sheet pan.

While this method isn't technically completely impossible, the video ends in complete disaster, causing the TikToker to drop the pan, sending egg noodles, broth, and an entire uncooked chicken exploding across his kitchen floor.

The reason for this failure seems fairly obvious, given that the sheet pan lacks the depth for a liquid meal to cook in. In fact, even if the entire ordeal had survived the trip to the oven, it still would have caused a great deal of spillage, as the chicken's natural grease would cause the broth to rise over the edge, causing a smokey mess in the oven's hard-to-clean base.

What is the best way to cook chicken noodle soup?

While it may seem anticlimactic, some things just don't require hacks to be made better. The classic and well-known method of using a high-walled pot or Dutch oven to blend the delicious flavors of chicken, noodles, broth, and a host of aromatic vegetables and spices is a tried and true strategy that yields results every time.


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If you really want to spice up your preparation, you can absolutely utilize methods such as the oven or the slow cooker to roast your chicken before shredding or cubing for the final mixture, but we can all surely agree that broth does not belong inside the oven.

In fact, the TikToker himself seems to be acutely aware of this, as the video was likely made as something of a prank on the viewing public. Comments left by dedicated followers of the video's creator can be seen saying things such as "Not gonna lie dog, you had me in the first half" and "I thought it might have been serious until the egg noodles. [B]ut I'm always suspicious of Mythical Kitchen."