A Wendy's Pumpkin Spice Frosty Would Be The Perfect Way To Change Seasons

For most of us, Wendy's famous Frosty feels like a summertime favorite; when you imagine a Frosty, you surely think of the classic chocolate milkshake-like treat — or perhaps its vanilla variation. Recently, however, the fast food chain has been upping its Frosty game with some limited-edition flavors. Last year, the holiday season brought the world a peppermint Frosty, and this summer, the chain's strawberry Frosty made a triumphant return.

Now, as we approach autumn, rumors swirl that a pumpkin spice Frosty is soon heading to Wendy's. Instagram user Snackolator posted an image of an orangish Frosty with the text: "Available nationwide this fall" and "pumpkin spice Frosty." The post's caption additionally alleges that "the Frosty cold brew will also have a pumpkin spice option, as well," and this flavor is rumored to be hitting menus on September 12 — just in time for the fall season.

Wendy's has not formally confirmed this rumor, but a post on Reddit from a little over a week ago seems to back up these claims. The post is entitled, "New frosty flavor coming soon," and its poster adds, "Just got told by my GM today that we are getting pumpkin spice for the fall Frosty. Also for the coffee, but didn't clarify if for the hot coffee or cold brew."

Social media has mixed reactions

Pumpkin spice has unquestionably become the beloved flavor of fall. Yet, since warm and cozy treats of this kind typically only hit stores and menus for a limited time each year, some have voiced their desire to enjoy the signature pumpkin spice taste in products that can also cool us down — despite the cold weather. As a result, iced coffees and even ice cream treats of the pumpkin spice variety have become increasingly popular over the past few years. If Wendy's does introduce a pumpkin spice Frosty, it's sure to get fall aficionados pulling up to the drive-thru. In response to the rumor posted on Reddit, one user replied, "I really want to believe you right now." On Snackolator's Instagram post, plenty of commenters also weighed in on this potential seasonal treat. "I'm going to take a handful of lactose pills just to try this," one social media user joked.

Some mentioned other flavors they'd prefer to see, like in the case of one impassioned plea to "BRING BACK THE VANILLA FROSTY!!!!!!!!!" (even though it currently is on the menu). Meanwhile, a few mourned the fact that another rumored fall-themed Frosty won't be available in the U.S., after all, lamenting, "Oh no I really wanted caramel apple." Luckily, whether Wendy's pumpkin spice Frosty is real or not, there will surely be plenty of treats featuring this beloved flavor profile for consumers to enjoy this autumn.