We Ate 30 State Fair Foods In 10 Hours. Here's What Happened

If there's one thing everybody loves about fairs, it's the variety of food options! However, while many carnival-type events offer choices like funnel cakes and elephant ears, the Indiana State Fair goes above and beyond. Where else can you find a burger that's been deconstructed in a potato chip bag? You certainly can't accuse the Hoosier State of being boring.

Indeed, the venue has enough deep-fried, grab-and-go dishes to make Guy Fieri himself salivate. While "Dinners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" may not have shown up for this year's festival, Mashed went on site to show the vendors some love ... and in some cases, a little bit of hate (in the form of regret). Brothers Scott and Brian Wilson hit the tent circuit to track down the boldest and tastiest creations the Indiana State Fair has to offer.

They put their stomachs and taste buds on the line with one challenge in mind: to try all 30 items on the Taste of the Fair list in 10 hours and share their reactions with the world. Since Scott is a vegetarian, he let his sibling handle the meatier options, such as smoked bologna burnt ends. As Scott said, "I kinda' care about my health and well-being just a little bit, so I brought my brother, who does not." Neither one quite knew what they (and their stomachs) were getting into, but both walked away with a new appreciation for fair food — and perhaps a little heartburn, too.

What were the worst offenders?

It's safe to say the Indiana State Fair loves two things most of all: corn and sugar. Both ingredients are on display in abundance at this year's event. While the Hoosier State may be known for its corn, some of these dishes were difficult for Brian and Scott Wilson to stomach.

In particular, the Indiana Hardwood Nachos stood an ear above the rest. The dish features BBQ sauce, queso cheese, and street corn on corn chips. This unique combination left Brian saying, "Corn on corn. Weird culinary decision. Very Indiana." The biggest offender in the category, though, was the deep-fried corn on a stick, which had the brothers reconsidering their life choices.

It isn't just corn on the menu, however. Dessert options like the Lemon Drop Drizzle and Hoosier Slam Dunk Caramel Apple Surprise (just to name a few) offer the sugar overload one would expect at a fair. At first, Brian dubbed the apple dish "amazing," but the sweetness kept on coming — for a bit too long. "You think it's over," he remarked, "and then the cotton candy comes in like a mariachi band."

Still, the hardest thing when it comes to a 30-food-item challenge is culinary overload, especially with heavy ingredients like various meats. Scott put Brian through the smokehouse gauntlet, having him try everything from sirloin tip fries to Bratchos (nachos made with brats). In the pursuit of good food, you may want to tread lightly at the Indiana State Fair.