Mythical Kitchen's Costco Food Court Hack Is Hilarious — And Delicious

Mythical Kitchen is known for its tongue-and-cheek cooking antics, but every so often they produce something so absurd it just might be worth a try. Ever dreamt of uniting the Costco food court's most beloved items into a single monster food? In a recent TikTok video, Mythical Kitchen has done it. That's right, the "Pi-Bake-Og" stuffs a classic Costco hot dog inside of a chicken bake and wraps the whole thing in Costco pizza.

Mythical Kitchen's Nicole Enayati starts off the video with an explanation of the strange food's inspiration: "To celebrate how much I love Costco, I'm going to be making a Costco Turducken," she says, referring to the classic poultry-loaded feast of turkey, duck, and chicken, each stuffed inside the other. But instead of pulling out any birds, Enayati grabs a full Costco hot dog and removes it from its bun. She then removes the end of a chicken bake and stuffs the hot dog in. "You might have seen on TikTok that some people end right here. But we're not most people," Enayati adds mischievously, before cracking open a Costco pizza box. She then lays out a large swath of the pizza on plastic wrap and wraps it around the hot dog-stuffed bake.

Joke or not, we still want to try it

There's nothing that says Costco like this extravagant new food, which will either leave you wishing you'd thought of the food court hack sooner or send you packing to the bathroom. "Bring this to your next potluck and thank us later," the caption of the video suggested, though the absurdity of the Pi-Bake-Og makes this feel less-than sincere.


Bring this to your next potluck and thank us later

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Whether it was a full satire of ridiculously unhealthy cooking videos or a genuine effort of creation, Mythical Kitchen's TikTok produced a lot of strong reactions. Commenters were quick to weigh in with their own opinions on the greasy, cheesy confection. Some people were skeptical of the decision to wrap the roll in plastic wrap before it was supposedly baked in the oven. Yes, generally, you shouldn't put plastic wrap in the oven — it can cause the plastic to melt and dangerous chemicals to leach into your food. Others were just plainly grossed out by the combination of foods.

The Pi-Bake-Og found some reluctant fans, as well. "I'd eat it but I would feel sick after," one person wrote in the comments. Another viewer chimed in: "Look. I'm incredibly high and this sounds amazing right now." Nicole Enayati seemed to endorse the Pi-Bake-Og herself when she tried a bite at the end of the video. Seeming surprised by the taste, she said: "Honestly? Give it a shot, you should try this!"