The Knife Trick That Will Elevate Grilled Tofu Steaks

Tofu steaks can be a great meatless alternative to traditional cookout food, allowing vegetarian and vegan diners to sink their teeth into something more substantial than grilled veggies and side dishes. But those looking for the best results from their grilled tofu will need to go a little further than just tossing a slab on the fire.

Take a stab at a simple but effective knife technique known as crosshatching. It's as straightforward as making two sets of diagonal, parallel cuts in opposite directions across the sides of the tofu that will lay flat on the grill. This creates a series of slanted diamond-shaped sections of food. The depth will vary depending on the thickness of the tofu, though they should be deep enough to expose the interior without going too far and compromising the integrity of the tofu.

This method has a few significant advantages. First, the cuts expose more of the interior of the tofu, allowing moisture to escape and the heat of the grill to crisp up more surface area. This crispy, grilled exterior contrasts beautifully with the tofu's soft, smooth interior. In addition, the crosshatching allows more flavor from seasoning, marinades, and the natural smokiness of the grill to penetrate deep into the tofu steak. Instead of a flavor-packed exterior and bland center, this technique makes each bite just as delicious as the last.

Other tofu steak considerations for best results

One vital aspect of making the most of this trick is selecting the right type of tofu among the many varieties. Extra firm tofu is best, as it contains the least water and can perform more like a traditional steak when flipped and manipulated on the grill. Regular firm tofu can also work, while soft, medium, and silken varieties should be avoided. If it isn't firm enough, it is liable to fall apart during cooking.


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It's also critical to lubricate your grill grate with oil or cooking spray before tossing on the tofu steaks. With far less fat than beef, chicken, or other meat, tofu is prone to sticking without a bit of help. This sticking can be particularly harmful with crosshatched tofu, which is already more delicate than otherwise.

Try the crosshatching technique next time you're in the mood for some tasty grilled tofu, and you may be shocked at how a few slices with a knife can transform this healthy, simple dish.