Bundt Cake Pans Make Perfect Fall Decorations

Many internet users are gearing up for the start of fall and the so-called 'Spooky Season'. Pumpkin spice time has already arrived, fall decor has also started to hit the store shelves, and a few creative crafters have been inspired to upcycle some of their unused baking equipment.

Lifestyle TikToker @herfragrantoffering took advantage of the fall spirit by sharing with her followers how she used an old Bundt pan (not to be confused with a tube pan) to create two versions of a festive autumn centerpiece. In the video, the user filled an upside-down Bundt pan with a nest of fake straw and added a selection of miniature pumpkin and pinecone decorations. The re-purposed pan looks like it would go perfectly on a side table or filled with a mixture of festive potpourri in lieu of straw. 

The TikToker's second Bundt pan craft involved filling the whole in the middle of the pan with a small piece of wood and plastic leaves fashioned to make the Bundt pan resemble a pumpkin. While this design could be used for the entire fall season, the Bundt pan can also be painted orange and black to make resemble a Jack-o-Lantern for your Halloween get-togethers. 

Alternative Bundt Pan Craft Designs

While the Bundt pan designs shared by @herfragrantoffering are quick and easy to reproduce, other Bundt pan crafts exist for fall decorators who feel motivated to take on a project that is a bit more involved.

If you're in need of a new fall wreath, the pumpkin Bundt pan wreath created by blogger Homemade Heather could be the seasonal craft you've been looking for. To create the wreath, the crafter used a medium-sized Bundt pan as the pumpkin base and adorned the top with a variety of fall-colored artificial flowers that were hot glued to a burlap ribbon. To turn the pan into a wreath, Heather used an additional piece of burlap to create a loop that could then be attached to a hook on a door or wall. 

In case you're not keen on fall decor, any of these Bundt pan crafts can be modified to create decorations that are perfect for any holiday or season.