Viral TikTok Foodie Jordan Howlett Can't Live Without This Ingredient - Exclusive

Jordan Howlett is known to his over 10 million TikTok followers as someone they can trust when it comes to clever culinary hacks. Whether it's how to use a can opener the correct way so the lid doesn't fall into your food or how to make your own sriracha sauce, he has very helpful tips. Howlett also shows off his culinary prowess when he whips up recipes like easy eggless lemon curd or fettuccine pasta-filled egg rolls. The California native told us in an exclusive interview that while he loves to experiment with dishes, he can't live without garlic salt.

"It is one of the best additions that you can put into the majority of things that you're cooking," Howlett explained. "Putting garlic salt on things like popcorn has been amazing ... or other little things, pasta, even some soups. If I'm around or if it's in my home, there will be garlic salt at the house because that is a necessity."

Garlic salts adds savory flavor to a variety of meals

Since Jordan Howlett's go-to ingredient is a mixture of garlic powder and salt, the flavor is less powerful than pure sodium and adds the perfect garlicky taste to several dishes. Garlic salt particularly shines when you season meat with it or sprinkle some over sautéed vegetables. If your mashed potatoes have turned out a little bland, it's also the ideal ingredient to add a hint of savory flavor that will leave you going back for more.

Garlic salt could even help to revamp other lackluster spuds, like French fries from a fast food chain. Howlett admitted to us that he's not wild about In-N-Out's fries, noting that they "have the shortest lifespan in regards to being good until they're not. You have probably 10 minutes until they're not that great anymore."

To avoid this issue and get your fries hot and crispy again, try mixing them with a bit of olive oil and shaking some garlic salt on them. Then, place them in an air fryer and cook them for around five minutes at 390 degrees Fahrenheit, taking the basket out once halfway through to shake them up to ensure they're all getting properly cooked. Take out your revived, freshly garlic-salted fries and enjoy.

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