The SodaStream Hack That Gets You More Flavor For Your Buck

Attention, SodaStream fanatics! Your hydration methods are about to get much easier. And, yes — we know they're already pretty easy since you've got a SodaStream. Whether you're a flavored seltzer fan or you love mixing up your own soda, the SodaStream makes consuming carbonated beverages much easier and less wasteful. Still, if you're a fan of SodaStream brand flavors, your seltzer possibilities can actually be even more delicious and less expensive. Who doesn't love that winning combination?

If you've been anywhere near "Watertok" — the side of TikTok that's all about perfecting the art of making your own flavored water — you've got an idea of just how many water enhancers are on the market for making your water taste ... well, less like water while still keeping you hydrated. From Crystal Light to Mio and even options with added electrolytes like Liquid IV, there are plenty of ways to make your water tastier. What you may not have considered, though, is that adding these extras to your plain SodaStream seltzer can open up a whole new world of flavor.

Add water enhancers to your SodaStream seltzer to create your own flavors

TikTok creator Katya (@faultytatertot) on TikTok has opened up our minds with a video featuring a simple hack that garnered a whopping 16,000 likes. This is a trick that every SodaStream owner should try to totally revamp their seltzer game. In the video's voiceover, the creator explains that the SodaStream flavors are overpriced and aren't available in too many different options. Instead, she opts for other water enhancers, which gives her a whole new world of flavored seltzer to choose from. Simply make your seltzer in your SodaStream, and add any flavor you like.


Sometimes I will just use lemon juice, feel free to experiment a little. #sodastream #lifehack #water #soda #adhd #neurodivergent #hydrate #tip #trick

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Katya notes that you should be mindful when adding your flavoring so that you don't overflow your freshly carbonated water, and this is definitely an important caveat of this hack. Add your flavoring slowly, and shake the bottle easily and steadily to mix to avoid creating any carbonation-related explosions. As long as you keep this rule in mind, you're about to have a whole new world of seltzer options at your disposal.