Pizza Salad Is The Comforting Bowl Of Greens You Need During The Workweek

What do we want? Pizza! When do we want it? All week long! If this sounds like you, then we're about to change your life. Most of us have vowed to resist the urge to eat pizza every day past the age of 11, but the new viral pizza salad allows you to have your pizza and eat some nutrients, too. 

If you've seen this food trend sweeping the internet ever since Drew Barrymore's pizza salad left TikTok in shock, then you may have found yourself wondering, "Do TikTok pizza salads actually taste like pizza?" Of course, pizza salad is not the same thing as pizza, but when it comes to enjoying a nutritious lunch during the work week, this salad may actually be even better. Swapping out heavy bread and grease for lighter, more flavorful veggies and tasty garlic dressing will make your meal feel fresh and energizing while still fulfilling your need for a bit of satisfying comfort food in the middle of your work week.

Make your own pizza salad

Viral TikTok chef @sprout_and_co broke down the pizza salad with a step-by-step video. He starts by mixing grape tomatoes with honey, fennel, salt, and fresh oregano before blistering them in the oven. For the dressing, he slow-roasts garlic and mixes it with miso, Dijon mustard, egg yolk, sherry vinegar, lemon, honey, and olive oil with an immersion blender. He then roasts some eggplant, makes some homemade croutons, and adds fennel, salt, and olive oil to almonds before baking them in the oven. The final component of the salad is what he refers to as salsa, which comprises sliced red onions, parsley, and capers. 


The brief; make a salad that tastes like a pizza. Introducing The Tuscan 🇮🇹🍕 #garlicdip #pizzasalad #pizzachef #italianfood #foodtiktok #seasonal #local #flavourful

♬ original sound – Sprout & Co

He then mixes the eggplant, croutons, almonds, and salsa with a kale base before mixing the garlic dressing in, as well. He tops it off with his blistered tomatoes, goat cheese, and chili oregano honey. The result? A salad that's good and good for you and tastes remarkably like everyone's favorite comfort food. TikTok foodie @wishbonekitchen made her own video whipping up the salad per @sprout_and_co's recipe. In the end, she called it "probably the best salad I've ever had," but added that she's never ended up with more dirty dishes after making a salad. Ultimately, she captioned the video by calling the pizza salad "phenomenal but high maintenance." We recommend making the pizza salad when you've got some spare time and don't mind doing a few dishes. For the rest of the time, you can always order a pizza.