Costco's Cold Kirkland Canned Coffee Brewed Mixed Feelings

Costco's Kirkland brand is known for delivering high-quality products at a low price point. Indeed, some Kirkland signature products are better than their brand-name counterparts. Unfortunately, Kirkland's cold brew isn't among those items. The canned cold brew coffee is stirring up disappointment among customers, mostly thanks to its bitter flavor.

In a Reddit thread, a Costco shopper complained about the taste of the cold brew coffee, saying, "I've drank my fair share of cold brew, this one is so bitter. It tastes more like the coffee was boiled then chilled. High acidity and unpleasant flavor."

While commenters expressed mixed sentiments about the cold brew coffee, most agreed that it's more acidic than most brands. This will work for shoppers who like their morning coffee extra strong. However, those hoping for a lighter, sweeter flavor may need to look elsewhere — or find creative ways to improve Kirkland's canned coffee product at home.

How to improve Kirkland's cold brew

For anyone looking for a less strong morning coffee, Starbucks' cold brew might be better than Kirkland's. However, there are ways to enhance the flavor of the latter. Doing so will require more effort than grabbing a can on the way out the door. Finding and mixing in additional ingredients takes time, but it helps minimize the coffee's acidic taste.

Improving Kirkland's canned coffee can be as simple as watering it down with ice, milk, or half and half. Adding coffee creamer can also detract from the bitter taste by overshadowing it with a sweeter flavor. Many Reddit and Instagram users recommend mixing the canned drink with protein shakes. Not only does this increase one's protein intake for the day, but it gives the cold brew a creamier texture and more pleasant taste.

Needless to say, Costco shoppers have options when it comes to Kirkland's disappointing cold brew. There are plenty of ways to turn it into a more fun and flavorful drink, meaning that customers won't need to make another stop or try out a bunch of different brands.