Purple Steak Is A Meaty Solution For Leftover Wine

It's no secret that red meat pairs well with red wine, but have you ever thought about combining the flavors to create a wine-flavored steak? Referenced in a TikTok video, purple steak is the result of soaking a large slab of roast in a container of red wine. After the steak was marinated for a full day, @maxthemeatguy placed it in a dry ager for 35 days, which dimmed the bright purple color into a more natural-appearing hue. After he seasoned and seared the steak, it was finally time to report the results. "The dry-aged flavor was dominant," he said. "The wine flavor definitely came through ... I'd call it a success."


The Purple Steak #dryaged #thatisdelicious

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As is apparent from the name, purple steak should be made using a red wine, but some varieties boost the flavor more than others. One idea is to use your favorite pairing wine, as you already know you enjoy the combination. If you're unsure, a good choice is Merlot — a bold wine that's flavor shines through when accompanied with several other seasonings. Bordeaux, on the other hand, is a great flavor enhancer, while Rioja is a good choice for steaks with bold spices. As you begin the process, it's also important to research how many hours each of these pairings should be marinated for.

How to dry age steak at home

After the steak is marinated, it's time for dry aging, which may be difficult in a typical household. Unless you're the owner of a butcher shop or a meat connoisseur, you probably don't own a dry ager. You could always skip the aging step, but plenty of home methods say you don't have to. Using the equipment you have available, you can dry age your steak by wrapping it in a cheesecloth and installing a wire rack in a cold, secluded section of your refrigerator. Then, salt the steak on a baking sheet before placing the sheet on the wire rack. For best results, steak aged in a refrigerator should be held for no longer than a week.

It's understandable if you don't want to wait a week to enjoy your dry-aged steak, especially when you consider the necessary post-aging preparation. Due to the mold formed on the steak's edges during the process, the meat must be trimmed down significantly before you eat it. However, experts believe the end results are worth it. This process helps concentrate the flavor in the steak, as well as strengthen its core tasting notes.