The Hell's Kitchen Winners That Still Work For Gordon Ramsay

"Hell's Kitchen" puts chefs to the ultimate test as Gordon Ramsay chooses one lucky winner to work with him. It's easy to see why so many "Hell's Kitchen" contestants struggle during their time on the series. Still, scoring the title of "Hell's Kitchen" winner is more than worth the hard work it takes to get there for the contestants. Not only do they claim a whopping $250,000 prize, but they also receive the honor of moving on as the head chef at one of Ramsay's own restaurants. 

Still, it's easy to wonder what happens to these amazing chefs after the cameras finish rolling. How does the new role work out for them, and how many of them continue working for the renowned chef. While not every chef who's given a place in the kitchen of one of Ramsay's popular restaurants chooses to continue working there, there are some who have gone on to climb the ladder at Ramsay's company and take on high-powered roles.

Christina Wilson

Christina Wilson knows what it's like to win "Hell's Kitchen." She claimed that honor in 2012 when she became Season 10's winner. She told Mashed, "I wasn't shocked. I was super proud. I knew I had given my best and it was very satisfying to know that my best was enough." Wilson's best was, in fact, more than enough. Winning "Hell's Kitchen" is a bigger accomplishment than many chefs can imagine, but Wilson managed to take it a step further. Today, she's considered one of the series' most prosperous champions thanks to the career she's built in the wake of her win.

After claiming the crown, Wilson started out working at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas before being promoted to executive chef at Gordon Ramsay Burger. Since then, she's taken on the title of vice president of culinary for all of Gordon Ramsay North America. This means that Wilson isn't just one of the best chefs in Ramsay's business; she actually oversees the work of all of the chefs in 13 different restaurants. According to Wilson, she's "continuing to leverage every opportunity my time on the show and within the Gordon Ramsay Restaurant group affords me." It's clear that Wilson really has taken on every opportunity, and it seems that Ramsay, himself, is glad that she has. In 2018, Ramsay told Architectural Digest, "I've worked with Christina for a long time and she's been an integral part of my restaurant team."

Michelle Tribble

You may remember Michelle Tribble from her appearance on Season 19 of "Hell's Kitchen" or for her big win on Season 17. If you're wondering what Michelle Tribble is up to now, then you may be surprised to hear that she's also made quite a name for herself with the opportunities she received after she claimed the "Hell's Kitchen" crown. After her win, she went on to act as the head chef at the Las Vegas location of Hell's Kitchen. After the win, Ramsay was clearly happy with the season's turnout, saying, "Having the youngest of all-stars step up and win this competition is a testament to Michelle's talent. At a very young age, she has already proven she is driven, creative and commanding. She will be a great asset to Hell's Kitchen in Las Vegas."

And, based on her next career moves, it's easy to see that she did, in fact, excel in her first role after the show. According to her own LinkedIn profile, Tribble took on the position of culinary development executive chef for Gordon Ramsay North America in 2021. She left that position in June 2023 to become the company's director of culinary development.

Trenton Garvey

In 2021, the title of Season 20 winner of "Hell's Kitchen" went to Trenton Garvey. His reward for his stellar work on the season was the coveted position as head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Las Vegas. An honor like that proves that Garvey is a standout chef. Still, what Gordon Ramsay himself said of Garvey makes his unique talent even more obvious. Ramsay called Garvey, "Everything I could want in a protégé." He added, "At a very young age, he's already proven to be creative, passionate, and a driven leader. He will be a great asset at Gordon Ramsay Steak 2.0 at Paris Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas."

If his highly sought-after title and incredible praise from Ramsay wasn't enough, Garvey also had the first-ever "Hell's Kitchen" alumni wedding. Garvey proposed to his then-girlfriend on "Hell's Kitchen" right after his win, and he went on to return the following season where the new cast brainstormed his wedding menu. After his win, Garvey was thrilled to head to his new gig, saying, "My role is going to be head chef out there, so I'm going to be running the pass, helping run the kitchen and really just learning the ropes, and put myself in the learning position, which I'm really excited about, [and] understanding the structure the new facets of a $20 million a year restaurant." It would seem Garvey had what it took to ace the role.