What Makes Burger King Royal Sauce So Special?

Burger King dropped the fast food flop that was the Ch'King sandwich, and in its wake, released a new line of sandwiches called BK Royal Crispy Chicken Sandwiches, three BK Royal Chicken Wraps, and a new signature condiment called "Royal Sauce." We wondered what separated this new condiment from the sauces found on competitor's sandwiches in the ever-competitive chicken sandwich wars. So is Royal Sauce fit for a king? 

Royal Sauce is a savory white sauce served on all the chicken sandwiches and wraps in the Royal line. The ingredients of Royal Sauce have not been released, so it's a bit of a guessing game as to what exactly goes into it, but it's thought to likely include mayonnaise as its base, and possibly ketchup, mustard, and various spices. It's described as a creamy, slightly tangy mayo that's a bit peppery with garlicky undertones. Some tasters think it has a hint of parmesan. Consider Royal Sauce an upgraded mayo or aioli, if you like. Unfortunately, Burger King hasn't released an updated allergen list since 2017, so you should avoid the Royal Sauce if you have any major food allergies, especially to eggs or dairy, as it's likely they are used in the sauce. 

What to order to try Royal Sauce

When ordering with the Burger King online ordering service, you'll notice Royal Sauce is not available on most menu items. As of August 2023, you can only get Royal Sauce on Royal chicken sandwiches and wraps, which is a shame if you were hoping to pair it with some fries or chicken nuggets. Even with the Royal chicken line, Royal is only offered on three. The Royal Chicken Sandwiches line has five varieties: Classic, Spicy, Bacon and Swiss, Italian, and Honey Mustard. You will only find Royal Sauce on the Classic, Spicy, and Bacon and Swiss sandwiches. The Honey Mustard version is served only with honey mustard, and the Italian comes with marinara sauce. 

This is true of the three chicken wraps, as well. The Classic and Spicy wraps come with Royal Sauce, while the Honey Mustard wrap does not. As for the menu items that do come with Royal Sauce, you can ask for extra. Although you can't add Royal Sauce to every menu item with Burger King's online ordering system, you can always try your luck and ask the attendant at a drive-thru, who might be happy to accommodate your request.