The Key To Sweet And Frothy Cocktails Is A Dollop Of Whipped Cream

Most of us think of whipped cream as a sweet and simple garnish, something to dollop on top of a slice of pie or an ice cream sundae. Whipped cream adds some extra sweetness and a uniquely decadent texture wherever it's placed, but that tends to be the extent of its most common use. When it comes to cocktails, make no mistake: A whipped cream topping can certainly add even more tastiness to a piña colada or spiked milkshake. But when you're looking to add a bit of sweetness and frothiness to your alcoholic beverage, the answer may be mixing whipped cream into the drink rather than merely using it as a garnish.

While it may seem childish, whipped cream can actually elevate a grown-up beverage in both taste and texture. Your instinct may be to try this with drinks that are already sweet and creamy, like a white Russian or Irish coffee. In reality, though, whipped cream can benefit drinks you might not expect. It can be mixed into sour or bitter cocktails to add some richness and balance out the more potent flavors, for example. Plus, this trick to enhancing your cocktails couldn't be easier. All you have to do is add some whipped cream to your cocktail shaker while mixing up your drink. The ingredient's light, fluffy texture will transform the smoothness and body of your cocktail, and when it comes to taste, you might be surprised to discover just versatile the combinations can be.

Whipped cream can elevate many more cocktails than you might think

To start experimenting with this trick at home, try replacing the traditional egg white in a gin or whisky sour recipe with whipped cream, and see how the rich frothiness balances out the otherwise strong cocktail. Or, if you have trouble enjoying bitter ingredients like Campari or Cynar, whipping out the whip could be the perfect counter to any cocktails containing amari. 

Keep in mind that whipped cream can also be flavored before getting mixed into your cocktail. Some common and versatile options are almond, vanilla bean, and coconut. A bit of peppermint extract can take many different drinks to the next level. Then there are fruity flavors, like orange zest and strawberry, or more decadent choices like peanut butter, caramel, or even Nutella. Infusing your whipped cream can add even more dimension and sweetness to your cocktail while still taking advantage of the ingredient's creamy texture.