The Toaster Tip For Crispy Microwaved Frozen Corn Dogs

The back of the box is where you look for cooking guidance. It gives you as foolproof a way as possible to heat your food. You get the basics: time and temperature, as well as which appliance to use. These directions will work, but often, they won't produce the best results because they are general and simplified for brevity. Sometimes, the best way to get the job done is to take a few extra steps, especially with foods like frozen corn dogs that need a little more care and attention.

A great corn dog should be crispy on the outside, with a layer of softness that you must bite through to get to the juicy reward — that hot dog on a stick. To make sure the center is thoroughly cooked and the outside is crispy but not burnt, you need to add an extra step. Coincidentally, this step also shortens the cooking time considerably. To make the best frozen corn dogs in the least amount of time, start in the microwave.

How to make the best frozen corn dogs

When you want to think outside the box, or in this case, think beyond the limitations of what is offered on the box, TikTok is often the answer. On their TikTok, @sierra.bagheera offers a wonderful solution that is not only fast but produces a better, crispier corn dog than you'd get from following the instructions you find on the box.


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The TikToker's instructions tell you to individually wrap each corn dog in a paper towel, then stick them in the microwave to cook most of the way through. After they come out, squish them lightly to get rid of excess grease and stick them (handle up) into a toaster. When the toaster pops up, the corn dogs will be perfectly crisp and thoroughly cooked.

While this method produces delectable results, the comments section on this video overwhelmingly proclaimed that an air fryer is a better go-to solution, even though the process takes a little longer than @sierra.bagheera's method.