The Best Pizza Restaurants In Brooklyn

Nestled within the vibrant borough of Brooklyn lies a culinary treasure trove — its legendary pizza scene. A fervent testament to the area's rich cultural tapestry, Brooklyn's pizza joints stand as veritable landmarks of flavor and innovation, drawing hordes of locals and tourists alike. While the borough boasts an array of pizzerias, each with its unique charm, it's no secret that some establishments are worth more of a visit than others.

In a world where pizza is not merely a dish but a way of life, the challenge isn't finding a good pie, but choosing among the best. Brooklyn's pizza pedigree is undeniable, tracing back to its roots in Italian-American communities. It has continued to evolve into a cultural phenomenon that has left an indelible mark on the global culinary map. From quaint corner pizzerias with time-honored recipes to avant-garde eateries pushing the boundaries of tradition, the borough offers something for every pizza enthusiast.

Our gastronomic adventure will delve into some of the most exceptional pizzerias in Brooklyn, each celebrated for its distinct approach to crafting the perfect pie. Join us as we slice through Brooklyn's finest pizza parlors, unveiling the gems that deserve a special place on your culinary bucket list. 

Luigi's Pizza

If you're looking for classic, unpretentious pizza in Brooklyn, you should head to Luigi's Pizza on 5th Avenue. The quintessential hole-in-the-wall pizzeria has a straightforward menu that will satisfy the pizza purists out there. It serves both classic New York-style pies and slices, as well as grandma pizza, which is similar to Sicilian pizza with a square shape and puffy base. No matter what you get, there's something for lovers of both thin and thick crusts.

Luigi's was founded in 1973 by Luigi and Teodora Lanzo. Although they were going for a classic vibe, the focus was always on fresh, high-quality ingredients. They even went as far as growing some of their own ingredients. It clearly paid off, because the pizzeria is a Brooklyn institution 50 years later. In fact, it's such an iconic spot that it featured in the hit Adam Sandler movie "Big Daddy." While Luigi has now retired, it's still a family business run by the couple's children who are just as dedicated to the art of pizza-making.

Grimaldi's Pizzeria

No list of the best Brooklyn pizza restaurants would be complete without mentioning Grimaldi's. It's well-known for serving some of the best pizza in the U.S. — let alone just in Brooklyn. Located under the Brooklyn Bridge in DUMBO, Grimaldi's has been running since 1990 and has picked up quite a reputation over the years. It's known for its classic coal-fired brick oven pizzas and is one of the last restaurants in the city to make this style.

Grimaldi's pizzas are characterized by their thin and slightly charred crust, a result of the oven's high heat. The pizzas are often foldable and have a chewy texture with a crisp exterior. The restaurant typically follows the New York-style pizza tradition, which focuses on thin pies with a balance of cheese, sauce, and toppings. That said, it's not the sort of place that you can pop into for a slice on the go, as it only sells whole pies.

Expect an authentic, old-school pizzeria vibe at Grimaldi's. The interior is simple and traditional, featuring brick walls, wooden tables, and a bustling open kitchen where you can watch the pizzaiolos craft the pies by hand. It's popular enough that there's always a line, so come prepared to wait.

Best Pizza

While its name might not fill you with confidence that this restaurant truly does serve the best pizza, it actually lives up to its moniker quite nicely. Based in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood, Best Pizza has been slinging pies since 2010 and has gained a solid reputation as one of the premier neighborhood slice shops in Brooklyn. You might recognize its founder, Frank Pinello, from Vice's "The Pizza Show."

Best Pizza has a relaxed and casual atmosphere with a laid-back, neighborhood vibe. The focus is on the food rather than elaborate decor, contributing to a genuine, unpretentious ambience. While it serves traditional New York-style slices, it's also known for its grandma pies. Best Pizza has become a neighborhood favorite in Williamsburg, and it's common to see both locals and visitors enjoying slices together. The pizzeria's approachable, welcoming environment fosters a sense of community. So, if you're looking for a modern take on a traditional Brooklyn pizzeria, this one is a great choice. It has the feel of a restaurant that's been there for generations but with the attention to detail and focus on quality typical of new wave of pizzerias.


Situated in the Park Slope area of Brooklyn, Crosta is a relatively new kid on the block, having opened for business in 2021. However, its owners, Andres Rodas and Andres Whang, are no strangers to the restaurant game and have several other successful eateries in the area, including Piccoli Trattoria in Park Slope and Belli Osteria in Clinton Hill.

Rather than sticking to the classic New York pizza style, Crosta is all about neo-Neapolitan. Typical Neapolitan pizza is characterized by its puffy, slightly charred crust and minimal toppings. However, neo-Neapolitan gets a bit more creative with garnishes. For instance, at Crosta, you can get everything from a four-cheese white pizza to a Hawaiian pie — but pineapple on pizza certainly wouldn't be tolerated by Neapolitan purists.

Inside, expect a modern update on a classic look. The restaurant has the feel of a little neighborhood pizzeria yet the decor doesn't look like it was already dated in the '80s. It's a great spot for dinner, and it's even open for brunch — that's right, you can get brunch pizza. You're welcome.

L&B Spumoni Gardens

L&B Spumoni Gardens is an iconic pizzeria and Italian restaurant located in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn. It opened way back in 1939 and has become a beloved institution in the local community and beyond.

The restaurant is particularly famous for its Sicilian-style pizza, commonly referred to as grandma pizza. This style is characterized by a thick, square-shaped crust that's crispy on the bottom and edges while remaining soft and doughy on the inside. The sauce is often spread on top of the cheese, giving the pizza a unique flavor profile. However, you can also order round pies if you're feeling like a classic New York-style pizza. Plus, there's much more on the menu besides pizza.

As you might imagine given its age, the restaurant's interior has a nostalgic feel, harkening back to classic Italian-American eateries. It has a casual, family-friendly atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

Not Ray's Pizza

If you end up in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn, you'd be remiss not to hit up Not Ray's Pizza — or just "Not Ray's" as regulars refer to it. A classic neighborhood pizzeria, this shop sells pizza by the slice or whole pies. So, if you're just looking for a classic NY slice to fold up and eat on the go, you're in luck. But, you could also order a whole pie and sit down.

You can buy both New York-style pizza and grandma pizza, covering all the Brooklyn bases. While Not Ray's isn't known for being highly innovative or cutting-edge, it serves some of the best classic pizza in the borough — what more could you ask for? The menu is sizable with a choice of over 30 topping combinations, plus other favorites such as garlic knots and stromboli. It might not be much to look at, but it has the feel of an authentic hole-in-the-wall pizza shop.

Paulie Gee's

Located in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, Paulie Gee's is known for its creative, artisanal neo-Neapolitan pizzas. It has two Greenpoint locations — one that offers sit-down dining only to enjoy the pies fresh and a slice shop where you can buy slices and pies to go. Due to its popularity, Paulie Gee's can sometimes have a wait during peak dining hours. However, many patrons consider the wait to be well worth it for the quality of the pizza.

Paulie Gee's has a cozy, rustic ambience characterized by its warm lighting and wooden tables. Its charming, neighborhood feel appeals to both locals and visitors. The menu features a variety of specialty pizzas with imaginative toppings, often using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Additionally, there are plenty of vegan options for those who forgo animal products. The crust is typically thin and slightly chewy, with a puffy crust and a light char from the wood-fired oven. The emphasis is on fresh ingredients and balanced flavors. 


Although it's somewhat of a newbie on the Brooklyn pizza scene having opened in 2017, L'Industrie already has a reputation for serving some of the best pizza in the borough. It's known for its artisanal approach to pizza-making and its emphasis on high-quality ingredients. The idea was to blend the classic New York slice with the techniques and flavors used in Italian pizza-making.

The restaurant has a modern-industrial ambience, combining a mix of rustic and contemporary design elements that creates a comfortable and inviting space for diners. L'Industrie's jam is creating artisanal pizzas with simple, yet innovative topping options. You won't find a huge menu of choices, but each one is carefully thought out. The focus is on fresh ingredients, sometimes even imported from Italy. The dough is a cross between a Roman pizza, a New York slice, and a Neapolitan pie. It's thin yet slightly puffy, with plenty of air bubbles and a hint of char from the wood firing process. The long fermentation process really boosts the flavor too. So, if you're looking for a next-level experience, head to L'Industrie.

Screamers Pizza

If you eat a plant-based diet or can't tolerate dairy, there's no reason why you have to miss out on some of the best pizza in Brooklyn. A Greenpoint mainstay with an additional location in Crown Heights, Screamers Pizza has a completely vegan menu, with all manner of pizzas and vegan sides, such as wings and cheesy bread. It's a great place to sit and eat, with a cool interior that looks stylish and modern with pops of color and neon signs.

Screamers focuses on the classic New York thin crust style, but you can also order grandma pies. While you get topping options such as cheese and pepperoni (all vegan, naturally), there are also more innovative combinations that you might not find at your average hole-in-the-wall pizza shop. These include a mac and cheese pizza, a take on a classic Reuben sandwich, and a pizza featuring seitan sausage and marinated kale. You can order whole pies or get your pizza by the slice for the perfect New York pizza feel.

Vinnie's Pizzeria

Vinnie's Pizzeria is a well-known, quirky spot located in Williamsburg. Not only does it serve delicious pizza, but it also has a creative approach to menu items and presentation. Its playful, whimsical atmosphere and approach to decor add a special touch to the dining experience. It's known for its "special boreds," which have eye-catching illustrations as well as the restaurant's innovative specials.

While it might just look like a simple neighborhood slice shop from the outside, you'll be surprised about Vinnie's twists on classic pizza offerings. In addition to traditional slices, you can find specialty pizzas with inventive toppings and playful names. The pizza itself is a classic New York-style affair, but the toppings say otherwise, with options such as elote or black bean taco pizza. You can also buy grandma pies or veggie and vegan slices and pies, which is good news for those who avoid meat or animal products. Vinnie's is also known for its "pizza boxes" made entirely out of pizza — strange but true.

One of the standout features of Vinnie's is its sense of humor and creativity. The pizzeria includes funny, imaginative menu item names, as well as unexpected and unique garnishes that surprise and delight customers. So, you might end up getting a laugh as well as a pie.

Brooklyn DOP

If you're looking for some serious Brooklyn pizza, head to Brooklyn DOP. The clue about its intentional approach to pizza is in the name. You see, "DOP" stands for "Denominazione di Origine Protetta," which translates to "Protected Designation of Origin." It's a quality assurance label used in Italy and some other European countries to designate certain foods, including pizza, that are produced in a specific geographical area using traditional methods and ingredients. The DOP label is intended to protect the integrity of traditional products, ensuring that they're made according to established standards and practices. While there's no true Brooklyn DOP, the name is a nod to the fact that the owner is serious about the Brooklyn pizza scene and the ingredients used in the restaurant's pies.

Located in Park Slope, this spot sells classic New York pizzas with an artisan twist by the slice or whole pies. The menu features white and red pies with a range of topping options. Alongside the classic slice, you can also buy grandma pies and square slices. Plus, there are vegan options so nobody needs to be left out.

F&F Pizzeria

Frank Falcinelli and Frank Castronovo are the two Fs behind F&F Pizzeria. Although it only opened in 2019, it has already made a name for itself as one of the best in Brooklyn. Situated in Caroll Gardens, this shop takes an elevated approach to New York pizza, focusing on quality ingredients. The cooks also ferment the dough for longer than is typical, improving the texture and flavor.

Look out for the usual classic topping options, such as cheese and pepperoni. However, there are plenty of inventive options too, such as cacio e pepe pizza. You can buy both classic New York-style thin crust pizza and thicker grandma pies, so there's something to suit most palates. The pizzas are available in pies and slices and you can get them from noon until "whenever" — service stops when the dough runs out, so avoid arriving too late or you might miss out.

Mo's General

Mo's General is more than just a traditional eatery; it's a dynamic space that also acts as a deli and grocery store, serves cocktails, and fosters a sense of neighborhood camaraderie. You'll sometimes find live music and collaborations with other Brooklyn establishments. Nestled in Williamsburg, it's a mainstay with locals and visitors alike, offering a range of culinary delights and an inviting atmosphere. It's beautifully decorated, so if you're looking for something a bit classier than your average local pizza joint, this is a great choice.

Square pies are sold whole and by the slice and you can also buy round bar pies. The focus is on quality rather than variety, so you'll find a small menu with a limited range of topping combinations, including tomato and cheese pies, as well as white pizzas. If you're in the mood for something other than pizza, Mo's also sells sandwiches and a selection of appetizers.


Looking for something other than a classic New York-style slice? Try heading to Hoek, which serves Roman-style brick-oven pizza. This style is slightly thinner and crispier than New York pizza and veers toward a more typical Italian flair with its toppings. You'll find combinations such as anchovies, capers, cured black olives, garlic, and tomato, or soppressata, fior di latte, and tomato. It's like a slice of Rome on the streets of Red Hook. There's vegan mozzarella on the menu too, so you can customize pies to be free from animal products. The wood-fired brick oven gives the pizza a delicious char and smoky flavor that you won't forget about any time soon.

This is also a gorgeous spot to dine at, with contemporary decor complementing original features, such as exposed red brick walls. The cocktail and wine menu selection is great, making this a nice place to linger with a drink or two.


Ops is an unpretentious eatery in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. It might not look like anything special from the outside, but it's well worth a visit. Known for its focus on natural fermentation and high-quality ingredients, Ops has gained recognition as a standout in the Brooklyn pizza scene. Its welcoming atmosphere makes you feel at home with a mix of rustic and contemporary design elements that create a comfortable space for diners to enjoy their meal.

Ops' pizzas are characterized by their naturally fermented sourdough crusts, which contribute to a distinctive flavor and texture. The menu is small and prioritizes superior ingredients that are carefully sourced, generally from small producers. On the menu, you'll usually find marinara and margherita pizzas and square pies with a handful of optional add-ons. Plus, there's a small array of specials. It's the attention to detail and focus on quality that make this pizza restaurant a place to add to your Brooklyn pizza bucket list.