Starbucks' Secret Menu Pink Matcha Drink Is Like Sipping Summer

Diehard Starbucks fans know the chain's secret menu all too well. Though all the drinks on this menu were dreamt up by creative sippers whose ideas went viral, the baristas are willing to whip up special orders if you can tell them exactly what's in them. One reason Starbucks' secret menu drinks become such a hit is their eye-catching aesthetics, as seen with the famously Instagram-worthy Pink Drink. The pastel Refresher, which is a summery combination of strawberry-açai base with coconut milk and hints of passionfruit, quickly went from being a secret menu hack to having its own permanent spot on the menu in 2017. This didn't stop fans from continuing to add their own spin on the concoction. If you thought the Pink Drink was as trendy as it gets, you haven't tried it with a scoop of matcha.

In recent years, matcha has been gaining traction as an alternative to more highly caffeinated coffee. The caffeine buzz from matcha tends to be much gentler, without the crashes and jitteriness that coffee is known to induce. Adding a scoop of matcha to the Starbucks' Pink Drink infuses the rosy beverage with a contrasting layer of green that TikTok can't seem to get enough of. Just ask the barista to add one scoop of matcha and some vanilla cold foam to a Pink Drink and you've made the viral pink matcha drink. Starbucks fans are also sharing their own tasty variations of this trending secret menu Refresher.

What does Starbucks' pink matcha drink taste like?

 Pink Drink from Starbucks is like a lighter, more refreshing strawberry milkshake. Adding a scoop of matcha (or four, according to some matcha lovers on TikTok) adds just a hint of grassy bitterness to the overall flavor profile. However, the sweetness of the coconut milk in the Pink Drink balances out the matcha's distinct flavor. Those who love the pink matcha combo seem to enjoy experimenting with various cold foam options, too. Instead of a full scoop of matcha, some prefer topping it with matcha cold foam, while others add matcha to different Refresher flavors on the Starbucks menu, like the pink Dragon Drink. Either way, you get a unique blend of pretty colors and great flavors, along with around 27mg of caffeine per scoop for a little pick-me-up.

If you'd rather not bother a Starbucks barista by asking for a specially-made drink you can use a copycat Pink Drink recipe to make your own pink matcha creation. Matcha powder can usually be found at big grocery chains, and you can easily make your own Starbucks cold foam at home by foaming nonfat milk and adding a flavor booster like vanilla. Creative experimentation is the name of the game when it comes to the Starbucks secret menu.