Hot Dog Musubi Is A Tasty Twist On A Hawaiian Favorite

The three-ingredient spam musubi is one of those foods that proves how simple recipes are sometimes the best. But simple foods can also be the foundation for other, more complex things. For example, if you take this Hawaiian snack's format of rice and meat wrapped in seaweed, and combine it with a hot dog and its toppings, what do you get? You get hot dog musubi, of course.

This brilliant hot dog musubi collaboration spawned from the creativity of a TikTok and an enthusiasm for hybrid cuisines. It starts by prepping rice, seaweed, and a hot dog — that you cut in half the long way, and then grill. As for toppings, the TikTok video took inspiration from the Seattle-style hot dog, with its classic grilled onions, peppers, and cream cheese toppings. Other toppings of choice, like ketchup and pickles, are also fair game. All the toppings are then packed together to create a delicious hot dog musubi.

Other twists on spam musubi

Since a hot dog musubi works so well, a hamburger musubi must, too. To make a hamburger musubi, all you need to do is shape the patty into a rectangle in order to mimic classic spam musubi. This is a fun alternative to spam musubi. It's also reminiscent of another Hawaiian food called loco moco. This dish consists of rice, a hamburger patty, and egg, which are all smothered in gravy.

Hawaii itself has many variations of spam musubi. The dish takes on a breakfast twist when a flat omelet-style egg is added. Additionally, Portuguese sausage has been used as an alternate meat to spam. This sausage came to Hawaii from Portuguese people who immigrated to Hawaii in the 19th and 20th centuries and is very popular across the islands today. If you're vegetarian, tofu is an unrivaled option for vegetarian musubi. With just a little soy sauce glaze, the tofu musubi can taste flavorful and meaty.