Chicken Bouillon Powder Is The Best Salt Alternative For Savory Dishes

As we all know, it can be a daunting process for a home cook to experiment in the kitchen, causing many people to rely on the very basics of culinary knowledge. However, one must-try cooking secret that brings the flavor of your savory dishes to the next level, using an incredibly easy substitution, is the ever-versatile chicken bouillon powder.

Swap out traditional table salt with chicken bouillon powder when seasoning your dish to add the savory flavors of the dehydrated stock in an instant. Just be sure you're using it instead of salt, not in addition to it. Standard chicken bouillon powder is already high in salt, but holds the added benefit of utilizing a number of other seasonings, often including turmeric, coriander, parsley, and sometimes even the savory additive MSG. Additionally, if you're looking to improve upon heart health, there are low-sodium and no-sodium chicken bouillon alternatives, providing all the flavor and spice to your meal without the additional sodium.

What are the best dishes to use chicken bouillon powder?

There are a wide variety of delicious meals that could greatly benefit from a chicken-flavored kick in the cooking process. Consider using bouillon powder when making a dry-rub marinade for your meat, or seasoning your rice or pasta cooking water for a savory splash. Some recipes even specifically call for sprinkling the savory flavor powder directly into soups, noodles, or sauces. 

To make the most of this hack, simply sub in the powder any time the recipe calls for seasoning with salt, and enjoy your newfound proficiency in the kitchen. This functions similarly to recipes that call for simmering stovetop rice in chicken stock in place of water, providing additional flavor to a point in the recipe that previously offered very little. You can utilize this technique in dishes such as pozole, chicken fried steak, chicken pot pie, or even a delicious pan sauce that can be drizzled over any plate that needs an umami blast of flavor.

Furthermore, you can use the bouillon powder to make a quick and simple stock at home in a 1:1 ratio of bouillon powder and water, just in case you need to amp up the flavor of a soup or an at-home ramen. Bringing chicken bouillon powder into your kitchen as a culinary staple can help to produce a wide variety of fantastic results, so don't be afraid to experiment!