For The Perfect Bite Every Time, There's A Right Way To Cut Pancakes

When it comes to breakfast, are you on team savory or sweet? If you prefer breakfast on the sweeter side, you probably know the joy of digging into a stack of piping hot, buttery, syrup-covered pancakes. Whether you upgrade a boxed pancake mix or make pancakes from scratch, there are countless ways to customize pancakes to suit your tastes. While there are many right ways to make pancakes, there is also a correct way to eat them. Unless you're eating teeny silver-dollar pancakes, you'll need to learn the proper pancake-cutting technique before digging into your stack. 

Many people have their own methods: Some prefer cutting one slice from a pancake at a time, while others dig right in and crisscross through the entire stack. However, the ideal way involves cutting your pancakes into quarter sections and then cutting each quarter section in half again. This method does take more time upfront, but the result is worth the extra effort. The reasoning behind making precise cuts is to ensure the maple syrup can evenly permeate all the layers and sink into every nook and cranny. Plus, after you cut a stack of pancakes this way, every bite will be the same size for uniform eating. 

Pick your pancake cutting method

If you are anything like us (absolutely starving at breakfast), you may not want to take the time to sit and meticulously cut your pancakes. Fortunately, plenty of pancake-cutting hacks take less time and still provide a perfect bite. To those with little kids or who want evenly-cut, bite-sized pieces, reach for a pizza cutter. This handy kitchen tool can roll a straight line across the pancake with no knives required. The one potential issue is that, depending on the thickness of your stack, you may not be able to use the pizza cutter.

If you don't want to spend time cutting pancakes at all, you could create miniature pancakes like the bite-sized morsels in TikTok's viral pancake cereal. If temperature is a major factor for you, some suggest only cutting individual bites so the entire pancake doesn't cool down too quickly. However, if you can't wait and need to cut everything at once, eating from the outside and working toward the center ensures the middle stays nice and warm. Of course, the way you cut pancakes is totally up to you, but to ensure an even bite with perfect syrup coverage, we suggest taking the extra time to slice your stacks evenly.