Polish Egg Salad Puts The Spotlight On Cream Cheese

If your aversion to mayonnaise prompts you to steer clear of egg salad, or you're an avid fan looking for a new twist on your favorite side dish, there's an alternative that you need on your radar. It's called Polish egg salad. Even if you haven't heard of it before, you probably won't be surprised to find out that this dish is popular in Poland. Polish egg salad isn't too different from the egg salad you're likely used to, but there's one simple distinction: cream cheese. 

Egg salad is typically a pretty mayo-heavy dish, but in Polish egg salad, the mayonnaise is often swapped out for cream cheese. It's easy to imagine how replacing mayo with cream cheese might change the taste and texture of your typical egg salad. This version of the dish is a bit heavier, creamier, and extra spreadable. In addition to the usual egg salad staples, there are plenty of ingredients that are commonly added to Polish egg salad for a little something extra. 

Whipping up your own batch is simple

Polish egg salad is one of the best egg salad options if you're looking for a mayo-free recipe. Of course, it's likely not as easy to find pre-made and packaged at the store as other egg salads may be. But with ingredients like this, fresh is always best anyway. And luckily, Polish egg salad is very simple to whip up on your own.

To make your own, simply start by combining a pack of softened cream cheese in a bowl with about a tablespoon of softened butter. Mix the butter and cream cheese together. Feel free to add more butter if the ingredients feel too thick or if a more butter-y taste is your personal preference. Once they're combined, add chopped-up hard-boiled eggs and a finely chopped onion. Mix it all together, and finish with salt, pepper, and parsley. Believe it or not, preparing Polish egg salad really is that easy. Feel free to mix in any extras and experiment with other ingredients, too. 

Pasta Jajeczna is a Polish staple

Polish egg salad is often referred to as Pasta Jajeczna. This name roughly translates to "egg paste." In Poland, Pasta Jajeczna is most commonly spread on top of bread or toast. It's also great for sandwiches and a delicious deviled egg filling. The dish is frequently part of an Easter breakfast, since egg dishes of all kinds are vital to Polish Easter celebrations. 

While Polish egg salad is one delicious treat, it's not the only Polish salad of its kind. Not only are some other Polish salads worth trying, but they can give you some ingredient inspiration for revamping your egg salad. Sałatka Jarzynowa , for example, is a vegetable salad that's also very popular in Poland. It's similar to a potato salad, and it includes veggies like potatoes, carrots, peas, and sometimes corn, green beans, leeks, mushrooms, and even apples. You can also add meats like chicken or kielbasa. 

When making your Polish egg salad, consider the typical ingredients in traditional Polish salads like these to add in for more volume and extra flavor that goes well with the rich, creamy cream cheese. Polish Royal Salad is another similar mixture, which is mayonnaise-based and includes things like corn, ham, and cubed cheese. For a bit of a different flavor profile to your egg salad, play around with mix-ins.

Ways to elevate your egg salad

There are quite a few ways to have a little more Polish egg salad in your life, and to put different twists on this versatile dish. On its own, Polish egg salad is a vegetarian meal. If you'd like to change that, some folks toss in small pieces of ham or smoked fish for added texture and extra protein. Pickles can be mixed in for some welcome crunch and extra flavor, and tiny cheese cubes can give the dish some more richness and heft — in addition to the cheesiness cream cheese imparts. If you'd like to enjoy even more flavor, spicy or yellow mustard can be delicious additions. 

Furthermore, if you love the idea of a mayo-free egg salad, a cream cheese-base isn't the only possibility. You can also try swapping out the cream cheese for Greek yogurt, which will provide a similar creaminess with extra tang. Alternatively, if you, like all of TikTok, can't get enough cottage cheese, try whipping some cottage cheese in a blender as your egg salad base. Whatever base you choose (we suggest you try cream cheese at least once), don't be afraid to add mix-ins like chives or garlic. You'll end up with one tasty batch of egg salad, hold the mayo.