What Happens When You Send Chick-Fil-A A Wedding Invitation?

Fans' love for their favorite fast food chains runs deep. SomeĀ people even get married in popular chain restaurants like Taco Bell, Denny's, and Burger King. But if you already found your venue and want to include your go-to fast food joint in your wedding, you can try sending out your wedding invitations. While it's almost guaranteed you won't have employees showing up to your reception without an RSVP, you might get lucky and receive some fun responses. One couple sent their wedding invite to Chick-fil-A and received an adorable box of goodies that included two insulated cups, some wearable swag, keychains, and passes for free food. Others have shared the goodies they received on TikTok, including totes with Chick-fil-A's signature food items on it, socks, and the iconic stuffed cow mascot begging customers to "eat more chicken."

A Canadian couple from Calgary, Alberta sent Chick-fil-A an invite after hearing they would be getting a new store in their hometown, and the chicken chain did not disappoint with the pre-wedding gifts. Excited commenters shared ideas on how to use the swag on the couple's big day, such as wearing socks. Some fans have received less than the box of merch seen on TikTok. One user alleged, "Bro ... I got a congrats card that wasn't even signed." In fact, not all couples have gotten a response from Chick-fil-A at all.

There is no guarantee that you will receive a response

Free merch, food vouchers, and cuddly cow plushies sound like a great way to celebrate an engagement but aren't guaranteed. Frustrated newlyweds shared their experiences in the comments sections of lucky couples' TikToks, claiming, "I sent them one [invitation] and got NOTHING in return." Some users advised couples to include expressions of love for the company with their invitations. Other commenters became suspicious about who received responses from Chick-fil-A, claiming that the chicken chain might be paying attention to people's follower counts before sending gifts in return as a marketing stunt. We can't verify this claim and aren't sure how plausible it is, given that you need to mail a physical invitation to Chick-fil-A. We suspect that most engaged couples aren't putting their social media handles on their wedding invites.

Chicken lovers who aren't getting hitched anytime soon could send plenty of other invites and hope for a response. Twin sisters shared their gift from Chick-fil-A on TikTok after they sent a graduation announcement to the chain's headquarters. They also received a bright red box with the company's logo, and inside were goodies perfect for a grad, including a camera, film, Chick-fil-A shirts, and of course, two adorable stuffed cows.