Nutella Cake Balls Prove There's No Such Thing As Too Much Chocolate

When you're talking about two things as delicious as cake and Nutella, the combination cannot go wrong. You might have tried your fair share of Nutella chocolate lava cake, which is as decadent as desserts can get, but if you happen to have leftover chocolate cake (or a whole cake, for that matter) and Nutella at your disposal, definitely consider making Nutella cake balls. The chocolate hazelnut spread paired with chocolate cake, then made into compact cake balls, will satisfy any chocolate-lover's cravings. 

Cake balls are fun and super easy to make. Essentially, these truffle-esque desserts are crumbled cake shaped into little balls and coated with melted chocolate, like homemade cake pops sans the sticks. A marriage of interesting textures and rich flavors, they're a fun way to eat cake (and maximize the chocolate). Cake balls are a nice addition to holiday parties or gatherings, but honestly, you can eat them whenever.

To make a simple version of Nutella cake balls, you will need three ingredients: chocolate cake and Nutella, along with your choice of chocolate bars for melting and dipping. If you're up to make things more interesting, you might want to add items like a food injector, a binder like cream cheese frosting, and toppings like sprinkles, crushed candy, or crumbled peanuts to the list. Unless you're baking a cake from scratch, with leftover or pre-made cake on hand, you can make cake balls in less than an hour.

Now to get the ball rolling

To make simple Nutella cake balls, start by crumbling chocolate cake into a bowl. Add Nutella and mix with a spoon or spatula, until the cake has a doughy consistency. You can also use an electric mixer for this process. Once soft and pliable, roll the dough into small balls and set them aside. Melt the chocolate bars in a bowl and line a baking sheet with wax paper as the chocolate melts. Carefully coat each ball in melted chocolate and place it on the tray. Pop the Nutella chocolate cake balls in the refrigerator, and they should be ready to enjoy in no time!

Another way to spice up your Nutella cake balls is to inject Nutella in them instead of blending the cake with it (call them mini Nutella cake bombs, if you will). Start by crumbling the cake in a bowl. To bind everything together, add cream cheese, or a frosting of your choice. Knead together and roll the dough into balls. To give the cake balls a chocolate hazelnut center, grab a food injector, and fill them up with Nutella. 

Whatever your chocolate and Nutella method, once chilled and coated in chocolate, you can add sprinkles and other toppings. For an extra pop of chocolate, dust the balls with cocoa powder. Refrigerate for a while until the chocolate crust solidifies. And remember, there is no such thing as too much chocolate.