Spanish McDonald's McExtreme Cheeseburger Line Has Us Feeling Wanderlust

There are a lot of truly delicious Spanish dishes that make traveling to Spain more than worth it, and that give you a taste of the nation's vivid culture: paella, gazpacho, and pisto, to name a few. Somewhat surprisingly, however, is that even the fast food in Spain is giving us wanderlust. 

The Spanish McDonald's McExtreme cheeseburger line offers a fusion of flavors that cater to the region's dynamic culinary preferences. Comprising a series of innovative burgers not typically available in the U.S., the products showcase the beloved brand's adaptability to local appetites. The burgers boast a range of artisanal cheeses, veggies, and sauces to accompany McDonald's signature premium beef patties and soft buns. This creative amalgamation bridges the gap between American fast food and the tapestry of Spanish gastronomy.

A standout on the McExtreme roster is the McExtreme Bacon (which is also available in "Doble," meaning "double" in Spanish), which consists of one or two all-beef patties, onion, double smoked Gouda, crispy bacon, and bacon sauce on a toasted sesame seed bun. Another fan favorite is the McExtreme BBQ Bourbon Huevo, featuring bourbon-infused barbecue sauce, creamy egg, smoked bacon, smoked cheese, crispy onion, and 100% beef. And if you're a cheese aficionado, the McExtreme Tres Quesos ("Three Cheeses") is adorned with a trio of cheddar, gouda, and a creamy Camembert sauce.

Burgers worthy of international travel

These burgers are designed to pay homage to both regional and international palates while focusing on Spain's unique contribution to the food world. The line also showcases how McDonald's, a global fast food giant, leverages ingredients that are culturally significant to resonate with the consumer base. Moreover, by sourcing local ingredients, the brand reduces its carbon footprint and supports farmers. Beyond all that, they sound delicious.

The Impulsive Buy, a food review blog, described the Grand McExtreme as "one of the better fast food burgers I've had in ages" while a review in Esquire Spain called the McExtreme BBQ Bourbon Huevo "a truly irresistible burger ... so tasty you won't want to stop eating!" The McExtreme Tres Quesos burger has Spanish TikTok in a frenzy in its own right, with several creators calling it one of their favorites.

While not everyone is a fan of the McExtreme line – a contributor of Fast Food Menu Prices said they expected the Grand McExtreme "to have a bit more pizazz" after trying it as part of the Worldwide Favorites menu in the U.S. — the burgers have us ready to book our flight to Spain.