Bored With Pie Crust? Cereal Is The Answer

Is it possible to answer the question, "How many types of pies are there?" So many kinds of dessert pies, savory pies, no-bake pies, and class baked pies come to mind, the question becomes almost philosophical in nature. What feels a bit more finite is the number of pie crusts that exist. Of course, there are variations, but pie crusts tend to utilize either a flaky pie dough or some sort of cookie crust, like graham cracker. Don't underestimate pie crust's versatility, though.

If you're bored with normal pie crusts, cereal is the answer — it's a fun, easy, cost-effective way to switch up your no-bake pies. In order to accomplish this crust, use a method similar to that of making a graham cracker crust. First, finely crush your cereal of choice. (A food processor works best for this, but if you don't have one on hand, you can always put the cereal in a plastic bag and crush it with something heavy, like a rolling pin.) Then add in melted butter and sugar, and combine until the mixture looks evenly wet. Transfer it to a pie pan, then evenly press the mixture down against the pan's base and sides with something heavy and flat, like a Pyrex measuring cup. Then bake!

Which cereals work best as pie crust?

If you want to make a cereal pie crust, uniform cereals work best — that is to say, cereals without chunks of anything like fruit, marshmallow, or granola. This helps create a cohesive base without any burnt bits. Anything from Cheerios to Corn Flakes to Fruity Pebbles will make an excellent pie crust.

You can either substitute regular pie crust for cereal in your favorite no-bake pie, or try making a pie that complements the cereal's flavor. For example, using Chocolate Chex or Cocoa Krispies as the crust for a chocolate lover's pudding pie is a clever way to squeeze extra chocolate into each bite. To boot, fruity cereals are naturally harmonious with fruity pies. Next time you make a coconut cream pie, try making a Fruity Pebbles crust — this pop of color will make each slice look more fun, and the subtle fruity sweetness will pair wonderfully with the coconut cream. Any time you doubt a cereal-pie pairing, remember that cereal is normally consumed with milk, so cereal is bound to go with creamy pies.