Your Salad Spinner Can Dry More Than Just Leafy Greens

Salad spinners are great for quickly drying your leafy greens before they turn into a soggy salad mess. While this is the most obvious use for a salad spinner, it is certainly not the only use. If you've never used a salad spinner before, the device essentially washes and dries whatever you put inside. The spinning action helps whisk away water droplets while the outer bowl catches any drained water, resulting in crisp, dry, fresh salad greens. As one might guess, produce from the grocery store should be washed, as you never know what or whose germs are infesting your fruits and veggies.

When it comes time to wash and dry your fruit, a salad spinner becomes your new best friend. All you need to do is fill your salad spinner with whatever fruit needs to be washed and cover it with water. Give it a good whirl through the salad spinner and you'll have a clean piece of fruit. If you want to go the extra mile to ensure your produce is clean, sprinkle some baking soda into the water. Baking soda gets into the nitty gritty pores of fruit, helping eliminate dirt and grime.

Salad spinners have a wide variety of uses

The salad spinner gets fruits and vegetables about 90% dry, but to ensure it gets 100% dry, you should strain the fruit or even pat them with a towel. And, even if you're going to use the salad spinner to dry out the fruit, you really shouldn't wash the fruit until you are ready to eat it. Since berries retain water, it's important to get them really dry to avoid mold.

If you think your salad spinner works only for cleaning fruit and veggies, think again. People have gotten extremely creative with figuring out unusual ways to use a salad spinner. You can remove seeds from tomatoes with a tomato salad spinner hack, and even dry cooked pasta without using a colander. If you're not interested in using your salad spinner for food, it also works great to dry clothes. Specifically, you can toss your sopping wet bathing suits into the spinner, give them a whirl, and remove almost all the water. This could be a great time saver during a pool or beach day.