Your Cinnamon Rolls Deserve A Fall Twist

Each bite of a freshly baked, gooey, melty cinnamon roll carries a comforting nostalgia that warms the soul as the atmosphere cools. And we all know what happens when fall rolls around — pumpkin pie season! If you ask us, we think fusing these two iconic treats into a single pastry is a rite of passage.

Cinnamon rolls with pumpkin pie filling or purée — canned or made from scratch — delectably encapsulate the spirit of fall. This genius fusion of two beloved classics results in a mouthwatering dessert or breakfast option. First and foremost, while these rolls are baking, the aroma that fills the kitchen is simply enchanting. The rich scent of cinnamon mingles with the earthy, spicy notes of pumpkin, creating an olfactory experience synonymous with autumn.

The texture of pumpkin-infused cinnamon rolls in and of itself is a noteworthy highlight. The soft, pillowy, tender dough unique to cinnamon rolls pairs harmoniously with creamy, velvety, puréed pumpkin pie filling. Enriched with the essence of pumpkin, the flavorful spread brings a hint of earthiness that complements cinnamon's sweet, slightly spicy undertones. As a delicious bonus, pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls are incredibly versatile. For example, they can be enjoyed alone or served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream to foster a pleasant juxtaposition of flavors and temperatures.

Tips for baking the best pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls

Using pumpkin pie filling to make cinnamon rolls is a worthwhile upgrade. While pumpkin pie filling tastes incredible on its own (or, naturally, in a pie), consider mixing it with a pinch of fragrant spice cabinet staples, such as ground cinnamon, ground cloves, cinnamon sugar, brown sugar, and nutmeg. As with most recipes, balance is the key: Be careful not to overload the cinnamon roll dough with pumpkin pie filling, as it can become too wet and, thus, challenging to work with. Either pumpkin purée or pie filling can work, but purée generally offers more control over the flavors and moisture content. Plus, canned pie filling often includes added sweeteners and spices, leaving less room for customization.

Feel free to get creative with your favorite add-ins, such as chopped pecans, raisins, or chocolate chips for extra goodness. Top your pumpkin cinnamon rolls with globs of marshmallow fluff for sugary lunchbox vibes, hot fudge for a parlor sundae sensation, luscious cream cheese frosting for a sweet tang, or a drizzle of maple syrup for wistful warmth. Go ahead and experiment, taste-test, and adjust to create a chewy confection with the perfect amount of pumpkin flavor.

Homemade pumpkin pie cinnamon rolls are delightful to dine on during the era of Halloween and Thanksgiving — or any time your heart desires. With their enticing aroma, succulent texture, balanced sweetness, and visual charm, they are quintessential for the equinox.