Chef's Salad Skewers Are Perfect Small Bites With Major Flavor

Chefs and home cooks alike have made remarkable advances when it comes to salad on the go. Take salad in jars for instance. However, chef's salad skewers may be a particularly unique game changer, especially if you want the freshness of a salad but only want a quick snack. Think of the skewers as the fresh, veggie-centric answer to those meaty grilled kababs that you have at cookouts, only instead of a smokey, grilled flavor, you get the crisp lightness of a salad. 

Of course, salad skewers don't just have to feature lettuce and tomatoes. You can get a balance of flavors by layering all sorts of ingredients on top of one another. Feel free to add in some slices of ham as well as cheese cubes and eggs as well for a traditional chef's salad. Why stop there though? If you're in the mood for a fresh bite of summer or autumn, consider strawberries or apples to give a sweetness to your skewer. Layer fresh cucumbers between bits of lettuce to make each bite juicy. Almost any element of a salad can be deconstructed via this method, resulting in a salad recipe that's sure to get your party guests talking. 

However, it's important to keep in mind that this is a different vehicle for eating veggies, and not everything may translate well into skewers.

Mistakes with salad skewers

When it comes to creating salad skewers, you'll want to use sturdy ingredients that will hold well when placed on a stick. For that reason, you may want to leave out bacon bits and croutons due to the near impossibility of skewering them. When it comes to tomatoes, cherry or grape tomatoes will work better than tomato slices, as the latter will prove too messy and soft. Likewise, a nice piece of iceberg lettuce will be crisp and hold its shape, especially when dipped in ice water. Meanwhile, spinach may prove to be too limp and flimsy for a skewer. 

If you're using hardboiled eggs in the salad, be sure to slice them appropriately so the yolk doesn't crumble out. Cheese squares and olives may be your best friends when it comes to making salad on a stick, as their firm consistency makes them easy ingredients to add. As for the salad dressing, consider going with a less creamy option like a wine vinaigrette, as a light coating will give your skewers flavor without ending up too messy. Alternatively, you can always create a dipping bowl for your dressing to avoid a mess. If you're having issues, remember that sometimes practice makes perfect. Salads, in any form, can get a little messy.