How NYC's Datz Deli Created Its Viral Oxtail And Mac Beef Patty

Datz Deli has gone from a local underground favorite inside a Queens grocery store to a full-on franchise with plans to expand into a number of other markets across the country — and all seemingly overnight. For those who are not in the know, Datz Deli began as a small eatery couched within a bodega at the end of 2022. Thanks in part to its recipe for oxtail and mac beef patties, which quickly went viral on TikTok, the brand has now ballooned into a thriving business.

The recipe in question calls for a Jamaican beef patty to be cut open and stacked with macaroni and cheese, as well as braised oxtail, then sealed back up and cradled inside a sweet loaf of Jamaican coco bread. The mouthwatering masterpiece has led to massive success for store owner Joshua Dat and his team, and allowed the Datz Deli brand to expand. According to a recent interview with Eater New York, Dat had some help coming up with the recipe from an inquisitive customer.

The order that changed Datz Deli forever

In a story that sounds like it was pulled directly from an inspirational film's first act, a customer asked for oxtail gravy to be added to her order of a mac and cheese beef patty. Dat revealed in his interview with Eater New York that he had never considered incorporating oxtail into the combination but, as soon as he agreed, other people in line began doubling down on the request.

With only a slight bit of tweaking and the addition of sweet coco bread, Dat developed a certified food trend that was perfect for spreading like wildfire over social media. Videos on TikTok have also captured the delightful atmosphere and low-key energy of the deli, pushing some fans to make a pilgrimage from hundreds of miles away. The family-owned deli has begun to focus on franchising their brand in order to bring mouthwatering food to consumers nationwide.