You Can Now Safely Open Cans With White Claw-Polished Nails, But Do You Really Want To?

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Sometimes, even the biggest companies do unexpected things to generate buzz. Hard seltzer brand White Claw falls into this category, officially announcing a one-of-a-kind nail polish line that's now available on Amazon and Nails.INC. Per a press release sent to Mashed, the four colors are based on four popular flavors: Black Cherry Bliss, Mango Tango, Natural Lime Love, and Very Blackberry. The shades are likely what you'd expect from the chosen beverages. Black Cherry Bliss is Berry Pink, Mango Tango is Mango Yellow, Natural Lime Love is Lime Green, and Very Blackberry is Berry Purple.

To make sure avid hard seltzer-drinking fashionistas have everything they need, The CLAW Saver Set comes with all four colors, exclusive nail stickers, and a compact, handheld can opener to ensure nails remain unchipped when cracking a cold White Claw hard seltzer. (The London-produced nail polish contains biotin and retinol for strength.) The entire set sells for $23.

Alcohol-themed nail polish isn't a new concept

As unique as the concept may sound, another alcohol brand beat White Claw to the nail polish punch. In late 2022, Coors Brewing released a color-changing Chill Polish that indicates the coldness of your beer. When applied, the nail polish is silver, but after exposure to a cold beer can, it turns blue. If the nail polish doesn't change color, the beer isn't cold enough for maximum enjoyment. 

Beyond simply being fashionable, both products were designed to serve a purpose. Though White Claw's CLAW Saver Set doesn't come with color-changing technology, its can-opening tool promises to keep freshly painted nails protected. On a Reddit thread, one user voiced their concerns about how easily their nail polish chips. As expected, a commenter asked what daily tasks OP performs, noting opening cans as an issue. Hopefully, this new product will help combat that problem.