Green Peas Are The Unexpected Pizza Topping That's A Hit In Brazil

Pineapple, move aside. In the great debate of whether a topping belongs on a pizza, green peas have entered the chat. The vegetable is typically a side dish and wouldn't be out of place in a chicken pot pie. But on a pizza, it might seem like a bold choice to those who are unaccustomed to it. However, the unexpected take on pizza is incredibly popular in Brazil.

The pizza may reflect a long history of combining Italian traditions and Brazilian culture. Starting in the 1800s, Italians began to migrate to the country, with Brazil becoming a popular go-to destination. In fact, around 25 million Brazilians today have Italian heritage, so it makes sense that Brazil has added its own touch to one of Italy's most iconic dishes. Green peas are popular in the country and can be enjoyed as part of a vegetarian pizza, with the earthy soft texture of the vegetables complimenting both the cheese and tomato sauce.

There are various ways to enjoy peas on pizza. Some variations include hardboiled eggs as toppings. The sweetness of the peas balances with the savoriness of the eggs. Other toppings that might join green peas on a Brazillian pizza include ham, peppers, tomatoes, corn, and olives. Some fans of pea pizza might make an Italian-sounding carbonara variant, which combines green peas with sunny-side-up eggs and prosciutto for a hearty dish.

A mix of two cultures

For those, who live outside of Brazil it may be easy to turn one's nose up at the idea of putting green peas on a pizza. For one, pizza purists in particular would be upset by the idea. As one Redditor shared, "Told this to an Italian friend and he freaked out when I mentioned green peas – it was like putting cream in carbonara." While pizza may have been invented in Italy, it, like many dishes, transcends any one nationality or border.

In Brazil, green peas on pizza is the perfect combination of two different cultures living as one. One just has to look at other cultures to see other local twists on the cheesy pie that might not fit traditional recipes elsewhere. For instance, the British proved that baked beans belong on pizza. Coincidentally, both green peas and beans are legumes. 

If you want to try pizza the Brazilian way then you might find a new appreciation for the vegetable as one person did. They wrote, "They're good, right? I mean I don't like boiled peas much, but when they're baked and on a pizza it's a totally different league." Otherwise, you can always eat your green peas mushy. So whether you're having green peas and eggs on your pizza or a green pea puree on your pie, consider putting a Brazil-inspired spin on it.