The Baileys Tiramisu Martini That Turns Your Coffee Into Dessert

Certain brand names are practically synonymous with a product to the point where they are almost a generic term, despite their not being the only brand that manufactures it: Oreos with chocolate sandwich cookies, Cool Whip with non-dairy(ish) whipped topping, and Baileys with Irish cream liqueur. Perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that these brands might seek to break out of that box from time to time — both Cool Whip and Oreos come in different flavors, as does Baileys. At present, its website shows 14 different ones ranging from chocolate cherry to vanilla mint, but one that's not yet listed is what appears to be a brand new flavor, tiramisu. Even if Bailey's hasn't updated its website yet, it's already promoting the flavor on Instagram by posting a video of a drink dubbed the Baileys tiramisu martini.

Making the drink is simple enough, as long as you have all of the necessary ingredients. All you need to do is shake Baileys tiramisu flavor with vodka, espresso, and a handful of ice, then strain it into a fancy glass. If you're into dressing up your drinks, you can also sprinkle a dusting of cocoa powder over the top and even perch a ladyfinger cookie on the rim of the glass. Sure, it's bound to get an inadvertent dunking as soon as you move it, but tbh, isn't that what you were going to do with the cookie anyway?

You can make a few changes to the Baileys tiramisu martini

Just because Baileys is promoting this recipe doesn't mean you can't make a few tweaks of your own. It's what any good mixologist might do, after all, and you won't be violating any bartender's oath if you incorporate a few ideas of your own. The first thing that comes to mind for us is swapping out the vodka for rum — sure, it's not very martini-ish, but many tiramisu recipes (including our own) call for this type of liquor. Another would be to add the vodka (or rum) and tiramisu liqueur to a cup of hot coffee and squirt some whipped cream on top to make an after-dinner dessert coffee.

For the sweetest option of all, though, we'd be inclined to pour all of the ingredients, ice included, into a blender to make a frozen Baileys tiramisu martini. Even better, the ice could be replaced with vanilla (or chocolate or rum-flavored) ice cream to make a Baileys tiramisu milkshake. There you go: You've got the coffee, booze, and dessert food groups all covered in a single glass.