Chinese Restaurants Are Most Popular In These Cities

Want the scoop on some of the most popular American cities to score ridiculously amazing Chinese food? Who doesn't? From tantalizing dim sum to crispy sweet General Tso's and lo mein creations, it doesn't get much better than authentic Chinese cuisine to get you satisfied while simultaneously taking in the richness of Asian culture.

For this post, we've scoured high and low, covering some rather swanky Chinese fine-dining options to your basic "hole-in-the-wall" types of establishments that still dish out the goods despite humble appearances. With many located in or near Chinatowns, these restaurants often draw crowds not only for simply offering awesome Chinese food fare but sometimes for a variety of other facets that work to make the overall dining experience unique.

If you love Chinese cuisine and want to know where to sample it at its finest, we're here for you. Let's dive into some of our favorite Chinese restaurant spots located in several major cities right here in the U.S.

New York City

If there's one place where Chinese food is popular, it's got to be New York City. New York is home to millions of Asian-American citizens and boasts of a Chinatown brimming with unique Chinese culture and tons of delicious Asian fare.

Among the most popular restaurants found in New York City is Shanghai 21. This impressive eatery is highlighted by its "Shanghai-style" lo mein served with a variety of meats, including beef, pork, and chicken. The restaurant also offers key entrées familiar to most fans of Chinese cuisine, including the ever-popular General Tso's chicken, kung pao chicken, and more. And in case you think the deliciousness stops there, think again; we had a tough time finding the ending to the online menu, as this restaurant features so many items that we think it's impossible not to find something you'll absolutely love.

Need other options? How about the Chinese Tuxedo on Doyers Street? This upscale fine-dining Chinese restaurant lends a modernized twist to Chinese fare you might find not elsewhere. Guests can attest that one of the best things about this place is the ambiance, along with its superbly flavorful and well-executed meals, loved by locals and tourists alike. The only downside is that you might not find your typical run-of-the-mill Hunan chicken and General Tso's offerings here; instead, expect to enjoy crispy eggplant, dim sum, and branzino, all of which patrons verify are absolutely stunning offerings.


Philadelphia is another city in which you may find the locals taking a particular liking to Chinese cuisine. There's a live and active Chinatown just past the city's own Chinese Friendship Gate where Asian culture thrives and undoubtedly draws tourists from all over. Of course, in a city this prominent, we'd expect to find nothing but show-stopping Asian fare, and indeed, that seems to be the case. Places like Nom Wah and Sang Kee Peking Duck House feature some of the most distinctly scrumptious Chinese food you'll find in the state.

Starting with Nom Wah, this location is situated right on 13th Street and is known for being a longstanding dim sum restaurant in New York City, but it has also made its mark in Philadelphia. The restaurant features dim sum and dumplings all day, and its "fast" food style makes it so you don't have to wait very long to satiate your cravings.

Sang Kee Peking Duck House is another popular Philly favorite, known for delivering what you might already expect — savory and mouthwatering duck. When all is said and done, Philadelphia is a great place to score awesome Asian cuisine — no wonder the Chinese food here stays in high demand.

San Francisco

California is home to an extremely large sect of Asian Americans (over 6 million by some estimates) and as such, Chinese restaurants abound. But not just any Chinese restaurants, mind you; Asian meals found in California can be some of the best if you know the right places to search.

In San Francisco, expect to find places like China Live, which is a popular venue among fans of Chinese cuisine. The restaurant claims to be one of the most successful independently owned Chinese restaurants in the nation. It offers farm-to-table "omakase-style" seasonal options, as well as many Chinese staples prepared by talented chefs headed by Chef George Chen. This hopping joint is also known for featuring open kitchens, a bar, and even allows you to bring some of the magic home by offering retail options in the form of seasonings, sauces, and snacks.

Not into all the hubbub? No problem. Though China Live is certainly a popular city staple, its bustling nature and close-quartered dining area might not be everyone's thing. In that case, you may wish to try out Dragon Beaux on Geary Boulevard as a more fitting option. Though it's undoubtedly bustling itself (people here adore good food), it's fine-dining atmosphere provides a slightly different vibe. All in all, San Francisco proves to be a reliable city where you'll find Chinese restaurants are not only popular but execute Chinese dining in a way that's hard to rival.


Houston's on our list of cities where Chinese restaurants are most popular, and for good reason. Texas is known for hosting a very high Asian population already, but Houston, in particular, is one of the top 10 cities for Asian people in the nation.

So, what are some of our favorite spots to eat on the Houston Chinese dining scene? Where do we begin? Hu's Cooking is a fine-dining restaurant but features to-go options that are just as good. Sample typical dishes like sesame chicken, General Tso's, and kung pao chicken, but trust us — there's a lot more to explore. The restaurant features other goodies like deliciously spicy fish bites, eggplant in garlic sauce, and twice-cooked pork. Visitors love the portion sizes and can verify that everything from the ambiance to the taste of the food is above and beyond. Not to mention, this restaurant features prices that are incredibly affordable for the amount of food you get. All in all, this Chinese restaurant, like many others in Houston, is a major win.

Need another Houston-based suggestion? Don't forget to look up Shan Hu Chinese restaurant. Yes, this Korean and Chinese fusion restaurant offers flavor, service, and authentic dishes are well worth the visit.

San Diego

San Diego County is said to be the seventh-largest haven to people of Asian American and Pacific Islander descent, with over 425,000 in the area as of 2022. We're pleased to present you with the leading Asian restaurants you'll find in the San Diego area.

One of the best we could find in San Diego is Minh Ky Chinese Restaurant. Expect to find this small, unassuming eatery to pack loads of succulent flavor. Open only since 2004, this restaurant has stolen the hearts of patrons, offering up many of your favorite standard Chinese takeout entrées along with a plethora of noodle types, including vermicelli, pho noodles, thick clear noodles, flat rice noodles, thin egg noodles, and more. It also offers huge portions, juicy and succulent duck, and great soup options to house all those noodles.

Overall, dining at Minh Ky is a noteworthy experience that far exceeds its humble appearance. Just know that because the spot is so popular, you might encounter a crowd — but that's almost always the case at restaurants featuring food this good.


Chinese food in Hawaii? Yep, and it's delish. Honolulu is home to many of Chinese descent and even features a Chinatown on Oahu Island. Among the many Chinese restaurants featured in Honolulu, Chengdu Taste and Lam's Kitchen are some of our favorites and seem to be well-loved by those in the area, as well.

Starting with Chengdu Taste, patrons love the Sichaun Tan-Tan noodles, as well as the spicy flavored pork hock and boiled sliced fish in hot sauce. No, many of these dishes aren't quite the standard creations you'd see at any Chinese dine-in, but don't worry — the restaurant features some of the more "common" Chinese entrées, as well.

As for Lam's Kitchen, expect to find crowds and street-metered parking, which many find frustrating, especially as first-time visitors. With that said, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find the interior freshly decorated with a modern vibe offering high-quality meals, though the menu may be slightly limited compared to others we've explored. Locals love the noodle options here and claim the flavor is outstanding. Overall, Lam's Kitchen is a solid Asian grab in Honolulu.

Los Angeles

What better place to find delicious eats than Los Angeles, right? We've got the scoop on which Chinese restaurants tend to be most popular in this area.

Restaurants like Yang Chow fit the bill, as does our personal favorite – Hoy's Wok Chinese Food. Located on 3rd Street, this crowd-favorite offers all the tempting Chinese grub you'd expect, all done exceptionally well. Try the general orange chicken (rumored to quite possibly be the best in L.A.), Mongolian beef, pepper shrimp, or deliciously fried rice to get started. Looking for lo mein or wings? This restaurant's got you covered. Enjoy it all in a casual, laid-back atmosphere.

Another great option in the area is Jade Wok. This place is known for being a favorite "mom and pa" shop located right in Chinatown, with awesomely authentic food and amazing tofu being the highlight of the menu. Shrimp fried rice, eggplant, and chicken wings — they've got it all, folks. One Yelp reviewer also pointed out that eating at this establishment provided a quiet and clean dining experience, along with quick and friendly service to boot. Thus, Los Angeles is a great place to find authentic and tasty Chinese food when the ache for authentic Asian fare strikes. 

San José

Surprise, surprise — another California city lands on our list of cities featuring popular Chinese restaurants. If you find yourself in the area, you may want to do your best to make it over to China Delight or Golden House (preferably both) to get your Chinese food fix.

Beginning with China Delight, you can expect to find a superbly clean atmosphere and inviting dining room on Cottle Road. The menu features basic Asian fare most of us expect to find on your typical Chinese food menu with Szechwan chicken, pot stickers, and broccoli beef all making an appearance. In addition, reviewers often comment that the portion sizes are admirable at this joint, which we love to hear, especially after we've worked up an appetite over the course of the day.

Golden House, on the other hand, features a must-try four seasons entrée, honey walnut shrimp, Mongolian beef, and plenty of other Asian favorites. Between the two of these popular Chinese restaurants, we're certain you'll find a dish you love.


With an ever-growing Asian community, Boston contains several very delicious Chinese restaurants.

First up on our list is Myers and Chang Restaurant. Located on Washington Street, this Asian eatery features scrumptious offerings not often found on some of the more basic Chinese cuisine menus we've covered thus far. While some may find the taste of the food somewhat "Americanized," there are many who love the food served here and have no problem coming back for more. One reviewer claims the Thai lettuce wraps to be incredibly amazing while another recommends the spicy Taiwanese fried chicken thigh. If none of this sounds particularly appealing, know that the menu features a plethora of other options that might tickle your taste buds.

Other awesome Chinese restaurants in the area? Try Jiang Nan on Tremont Street, best known for a variety of delicious eats including Peking duck, dumplings, and more. Just know that wait times can be long here and that portion sizes may be a touch smaller than you might hope, but the food itself tends to be a crowd-pleaser according to most visitors.


Seattle has seen a steady increase in the Asian population in recent years and also features several fan-favorite Chinese food eateries in the city that are sure to please your tummy and taste buds.

One of our favorite Asian eateries in the area is Tai Tung Restaurant. According to the company's website, it's one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Seattle, having been established way back in 1935. This family-owned operation has been carried on over the course of 87 years and remains a staple in the city as one of the best places to grab a plate of hot and delicious Chinese food.

So, what does this joint offer? According to the establishment, Bruce Lee himself loved Tai Tung's oyster sauce beef and garlic shrimp. There's even a table dedicated to this legend of martial arts and cinema. In addition, the spareribs and BBQ pork are a commonly referenced entrée, making us believe this is one of those menu items you won't want to pass up if you find yourself dining here.


Portland, Oregon, also has its share of yummy Chinese eateries, all of which are very popular among tourists and locals alike. Looking for delicious dumplings? There's a place for that. Check out Chin's Kitchen on Northeast Broadway (also featured on Guy Fieri's "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives") to scratch that itch. Looking for congee rice porridge jianbing? Master Kong's your place. Note also that Master Kong has been nominated for several awards according to its website, including Portland's Restaurant of the Year and Willamette Week's Newcomer of the Year award. 

Yes, there seems to be a Chinese food restaurant for just about every craving in Portland, and we must say, we're quite pleased. Both of these restaurants dish up amazing eats, though one features glowing lights (Chin's Kitchen) while the other's exterior is a bit more unassuming. In either event, we think both locations are great places to try out if you're in the mood for awesome Asian cuisine. Just be aware that we would specifically recommend viewing Master Kong's list of delicious grabs in person rather than squinting to read the menu online.


Another one of the many California cities you'll find on this list, Oakland, California, is home to many Chinese restaurants definitely worth exploring. Home to one of the oldest Chinatowns in the nation, Oakland also sports several tasty Chinese spots, including Shandong, a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

So, what does this popular restaurant have to offer? Shandong Restaurant is located off of 10th street and patrons of the restaurant treasure the food quality, as well as the many mouthwatering vegetarian options offered. On top of that, the Shan Dong chicken is said to be of similar flavor to that of "orange chicken" only better (if that's even possible). It may be perceived as a "hole-in-the-wall" joint filled with lots of charming decor and mirrors, but the food is out-of-this-world delicious and deserving of your money. 

Though Shangdong Restaurant is indeed a popular spot among the locals, if there's one Oakland-based Chinese restaurant that'll rival it, it's got to be Lin Jia Asian Kitchen. The restaurant is known for impeccable Asian fare and offers a self-described contemporary and family-style dining experience. Looking over Yelp reviews for this one was interesting, as the restaurant seemed to garner nothing but positive reactions from most patrons. Among the most favored dishes seems to be the spicy canton noodles and the KFC (also known as "Korean fried chicken"), but people in general really seem to like the menu as a whole.