How To Store Caramel Apples For Ultimate Freshness

Caramel and candied apples are some of the most popular treats of autumn, but for those planning on making the sugary dipped fruit, you may wonder how far in advance you can fix these sticky desserts. Fortunately, just like there's a right way to store plain apples, there's also a preferred way to keep caramel apples fresh and maximize their life span. It may seem like an obvious choice, but your best bet for storing your caramel apples is in the fridge. 

Apples on their own can last between four to six weeks refrigerated. Comparatively, they only last about a week if left on the counter. While caramel does have a shelf life on average of several months, you shouldn't expect it to extend the life of the dipped apples. For optimal freshness and crunch, your vegetable and fruit drawer is the perfect place to store your caramel apples. The drawer's temperature is well regulated, which helps protect the apples from the changing temps of someone opening and closing the fridge. From a quality perspective, caramel apples can last a couple of weeks in the fridge when properly stored. 

Best practices for keeping caramel apples

If you're making caramel apples in advance and planning to store them in the fridge, then you'll want to select the best type of apple for the job. Sour apples with a thicker skin typically have a longer shelf life, so those Granny Smith apples you bought will do just fine. To properly store the apples, consider wrapping them in cellophane. That way, the apples are already individually wrapped and can be removed from the fridge to enjoy at your leisure. Cellophane also stops your caramel apple from sticking to another surface, so your caramel coating stays smooth and shiny. Alternately, place your candy-coated apples on wax paper and store them in an air-tight container.

If you're planning to serve your caramel apples the same day, then you can certainly leave them out. Just keep them away from any heat that could potentially melt the caramel or ruin the caramel apples. If you're serving refrigerated apples, however, consider taking them out ahead of time. This will allow the caramel to soften and the apple to warm to room temperature, making for a more enjoyable seasonal treat that's easy to bite into.