Swap Your Spoon Out For A Milk Frother To Get Fluffier Hot Chocolate

What's better than walking around on a cool fall day, hot chocolate in hand? Arguably nothing, but making a mug of hot chocolate at home that's as fluffy as the one you might buy from Starbucks is hard. The key to achieving that perfect frothy milk texture isn't your spoon, it's a milk frother.

Milk frothers are the best tool for crafting at-home drinks that match up to your coffee shop staples — there's no other way to get velvety, warm milk that pairs perfectly with your favorite hot chocolate mixture. All you need is a frother and hot chocolate mix (either from a bag, box, or homemade), and you're one step closer to adding this to the never-ending list of hot drink hacks you'll probably want to keep in your back pocket. You can add your milk and hot chocolate mix right into the frother, fire it up, and within minutes have a delicious chocolate beverage to warm you up.

How can a milk frother improve your hot chocolate?

There's nothing worse than dumping hot chocolate mix into milk and trying to stir it together with a spoon, then being left with chunks of mix that burst into a powdery mess in your mouth. Using a milk frother can help not only with the texture of your milk but can eliminate the possibility of those chunks altogether. As long as you use a fine hot cocoa mix — or cocoa powder if you're inclined to make your cocoa from scratch — the milk frother's whisk should eliminate any lumps.

This whisk is also the key to making your milk that perfectly foamy texture. Normally, standing milk frothers have a whisk in their basin, and hand-held frothers have one at the tool's end. This whisk spins so fast, it aerates the milk, making it thicker, fluffier, and perfect for hot cocoa. The best milk frother for this hack will likely be a standing device, as these both froth and heat your drink at the same time.