What, Exactly, Is Taco Bell's Vegan Nacho Cheese Sauce?

You may have heard the exciting news that Taco Bell brought back Nacho Fries – and that it's finally giving customers a vegan option. Nacho Fries have been a fan-favorite menu item ever since their introduction in 2018, though they've left and returned to the menu a few times since. As of September 28, 2023, they're back once more, and this time, they're vegan-friendly. But this news does beg the question: Just what is Taco Bell's vegan nacho cheese sauce actually made of?

The fast food giant's nacho cheese sauce is vital to the full Nacho Fries experience, but of course, since the condiment's base is cheese, it's off-limits for vegans. Making a vegan version of this dipping sauce may seem like a brand-new endeavor for Taco Bell, but the chain has actually used this cheese before. In June 2023, the restaurant introduced Vegan Crunchwraps, and the vegan cheese it used for that item has since become the base for this fry-friendly sauce. The cheese is made from soy and chickpeas, both of which are common bases for vegan cheeses.

Vegan nacho fries are a step in the right direction

In a press release about the new era of Nacho Fries, Taco Bell's global chief food innovation officer, Liz Matthews, explained that the vegan nacho sauce was "born from the success of our Vegan Crunchwrap." She added that this menu addition is a sign of the company's "commitment to providing delicious, craveable food for a variety of lifestyles." And if you're concerned about whether or not the ingredients are truly vegan, don't worry — the American Vegetarian Association has officially certified the sauce.

This is certainly good news for vegans, and while Nacho Fries have, once again, hit the menu only for a limited time, that doesn't mean they couldn't stick around. A spokesperson told People, "We never say never when it comes to any limited time offer making its permanence on menus." While there's a chance the vegan nacho sauce won't be a lasting item on Taco Bell's roster, more vegan additions to its menu are always a positive change and likely mean that there will be even more in the future.