The Dessert Chick-Fil-A Should Steal From Its Little Blue Menu Spin-Off

If the Chick-fil-A empire wasn't already large enough with more than 2,600 locations, the brand is expanding even further with its spin-off chain, Little Blue Menu. As a digital kitchen concept geared toward delivery, carry-out, and catering, Little Blue Menu offers both Chick-fil-A fan favorites and entirely new menu items. For instance, in addition to lemon pie bars and chocolate toffee cookies, Little Blue Menu also serves cinnamon rolls.

As Chick-fil-A fans might recall, the chain previously offered a similar item but pulled its biscuit cinnamon rolls from the menu in 2016, as the item was too complex for employees to consistently produce. Though the cinnamon rolls now offered at Little Blue Menu aren't the same as the former Chick-fil-A dessert, they're similar enough to keep fans appeased.

Nevertheless, not all Little Blue Menu customers are over the moon when it comes to these particular cinnamon rolls. One Yelp review gave the dessert an 8/10, which is a bit disappointing when you consider the cinnamon roll's cost of $2.79.

Chick-fil-A customers seem less fond of Little Blue Menu

Although Chick-fil-A has a sizeable cult following, the same can't be said for its spin-off brand, Little Blue Menu, even with the inclusion of cinnamon rolls. Sure, Little Blue Menu is still very new to the game, but as of late September, it holds a 3.8 Yelp rating. For better or for worse, customers have offered plenty of feedback, mostly in the form of complaints and comparisons.

One Reddit user described Little Blue Menu as having "basic" food items that are generally overpriced, as well as several technical snafus to work through. Others said the service took way too long to be considered "fast food," with orders being cold or melted by the time they were received. Honestly, customers are rightfully concerned, considering how Chick-fil-A usually reigns supreme with its customer service. Little Blue Menu will hopefully get its act together soon, giving customers all the burgers, BBQ wings, french fries, and cinnamon rolls they desire.