McDonald's McRib Returns After Going On Farewell Tour A Year Ago

McDonald's brought back an iconic sandwich in the fall of 2023 — just one year after it assured customers the beloved McRib was leaving for the last time ever. Indeed, the sandwich returned to select locations in November, along with a tidal wave of enthusiasm ... and confusion from fans of the meaty creation.

This isn't the first time McDonald's has bamboozled its customer base by taking the McRib on a farewell tour and then saying, "Just kidding," the following year. Take 2005, for example. That year, the sandwich received a celebratory last hurrah. Then, McDonald's brought it back in 2006 for a Farewell Tour II. Fast-forward another year to 2007, and the sandwich made yet another comeback.

Many argue that McDonald's' maneuver to pressure customers into purchasing the McRib before it disappears forever is simply a marketing strategy. It's clearly working, though, because in 2022 (the last time the sandwich went on a farewell tour) the chain saw a 10.3% boost in sales for the fourth quarter.

The McRib is making appearances in the Midwest

So, yes, the McRib is returning after only one year away, and no one is really surprised. Now, fans of the boneless, BBQ pork sandwich can sink their teeth into it once again. It will only reappear at select locations, however; various outlets have reported sightings in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, while casual fans have been using to track their own run-ins with the product. Although it's not available everywhere, many who mourned the seasonal staple and bemoaned its apparent farewell in 2022 argue that this limited release is better than nothing.

Back in September, Instagram snacking account Snackolater predicted the return of the McRib, and people who popped off in the comments section were clearly over McDonald's nonsense. "Not interested in this abusive relationship," wrote one social media user. Another also had enough of the chain's game-playing, remarking, "It should just stay gone."

A spokesperson told Today that some folks just weren't ready to say goodbye to the iconic sandwich — it's been around since 1981, after all, and the internet has plenty of copycat McRib recipes for those who want to make it at home during the off-season. While some customers believe McDonald's achieved sandwich perfection with this number, many people on the opposite side of the aisle would rather this sandwich exit to the left.