Mtn Dew Is Giving Away A Dream Wedding Complete With ... Spiked Soda And Strangers?

Although wedding crashers are usually frowned upon, Mountain Dew is turning the narrative around with a wedding reception open to all crashers. According to a press release, couples can visit the Hard Dew Wedding Crashers website now through October 16 and enter a giveaway for the chance to win a free ceremony and reception.

In addition to a bar stocked with boozy Hard Mountain Dew, the winning couple will get to enjoy wedding attire and decorations matching the Mountain Dew color scheme. Of course, the wedding reception's location is set to take place in Mountain Dew's birthplace — Knoxville, Tennessee – but is location really an issue when all expenses are paid?

Per the Eventbrite listing, the reception will take place on November 15 and is open to 50 wedding-crashing guests, aged 21 or older. Unlike the newlyweds, who will have their travel paid for, all guests must provide their own transportation to and from the party. (Again, arguably a pretty small price to pay for such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.)

Fans love a Hard Mtn Dew wedding of any kind

Given how recently the Mountain Dew wedding giveaway was announced, it makes sense that the event has yet to really churn up any reactions from fans. That being said, this isn't the first wedding to involve Mountain Dew in a big way.

In late 2022, one man actually married a can of Hard Mountain Dew in Las Vegas, ultimately winning a hotel stay, a club reception, and $1,000 in cash. Hard Mountain Dew featured the love story on its Instagram page, inviting comments from hundreds of fans. Fortunately for the Dew-lyweds, the only complaints voiced had to do with the hard drink's scarcity.

To date, the drink is still only available in 16 states (including Nevada's Las Vegas, specifically) so it's been difficult for most Americans to get their hands on Hard Mountain Dew. Really, though, all the more reason for folks to invite themselves to the wedding and open bar in Knoxville later this fall.