The Viral Spoon Hack That Makes Opening Canned Foods A Breeze

Social media sites such as TikTok are home to countless hacks for simplifying cooking and food prep. One such hack that's been making the rounds recently involves utilizing silverware to open canned goods. The hack seems to function simply, but it only applies to cans with pull tabs.

The next time you struggle to wedge your thumb under a pull tab, try grabbing a spoon from your silverware drawer and jamming the handle through the hole in the tab. From there, use the leverage afforded by the utensil to pull up and away from the can. The round end of the spoon functions as a fulcrum point to pop it open with incredible ease.

While this hack may revolutionize can-opening for those such as home cooks with disabilities or long, freshly manicured fingernails, the hack does little more than provide a small amount of leverage to the already simple-to-use technology, leaving many users on the app to wonder if there is an even better can-opening hack available.

Can this hack be used on other types of cans?

Though the TikTok hack is endorsed by professional chefs and home cooks alike, it does little to help with difficult cans, such as those with no pull tab, which require a can opener to pry open. Luckily, there are methods that allow home cooks to gain access to traditional canned goods using only a spoon, proving that, with a bit of ingenuity, this hack can be extremely versatile.


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To open a sealed can with a spoon, grip the utensil firmly and rub the tip of the spoon along one spot on the edge of the can's lid. After a moment, you should have enough pressure and friction to have worn down the metal, providing a slight indentation. After continuing to push down and work the spoon side to side, you should be able to pierce a hole through the lid, allowing space to jam the spoon's tip inside and use its edge to cut along the lid.

This method is more labor-intensive than relying on a standard can opener, but it can get you out of a bind when a can opener isn't available. The spoon method can create a jagged edge on the lid once the can is open, so it is important to pay attention while handling it.