Make All Your Stuffed-Cheese Dreams Come True With A Food Syringe

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Social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram are a hotbed of helpful tips to help achieve all of your most creative cooking desires. One hack which comes courtesy of Instagram features a quick and simple method for stuffing cheese with delicious flavors such as pesto, balsamic, or any variety of your favorite additives, utilizing a simple food syringe.

Food syringes have long been used to impregnate steaks and other thick cuts of meat with additional juicy flavor, or even stuff filled foods such as cannoli or jalapeño. Now, Instagram chefs seem to be finding new applications for the kitchen tool, making their wildest cheesy dreams come true. The video making the rounds displays an Instagram user using the syringe to stuff burrata cheese with a blend of pesto flavor, in order to present a delicious-looking cheese spread. The concept seems to be making waves across the photo and video-sharing app, with a number of comments from other users expressing their desire to get in on the trend.

The idea may have even been inspired by Big Mozz, a catering and events company operating out of New York that creates artisanal mozzarella creations, with fans frequently lining the block. One such creation saw the gang from Big Mozz injecting pesto into a large mozzarella ball, similar to the burrata seen in the Instagram video.

What are the best uses for a food syringe?

If you've jumped on the trend after seeing the viral social media post and recently purchased a food syringe through Amazon, you may be wondering what other stuffed-cheese hacks can be employed in the kitchen with your pointy new gadget. It's obvious why the original video focused on burrata cheese, as the ball-shaped cheese offers a soft but durable exterior to house a delicious filling. The herbaceous flavors of pesto perfectly blend with the natural funk of the soft mozzarella-stuffed cheese, producing an unbeatable combo that's perfect for spreading over a crispy crostini, leaving users to wonder how else they can utilize this combination.

Some have used the tool to stuff burrata with fine-chopped herbs and tomato sauce, as a means of constructing a crustless pizza ball, perfect for the innovative pizza lover, while others have considered filling the cheese ball with jelly to create a gooey cheese-based jelly donut. The possibilities for dairy-based mad science seem to be truly endless. Instagram users seemed to be quickly taking to the methodology, with one user commenting under the video, "This is so smart! Game changer!" Another user offered, "I could get behind this," while others simply signaled their desire to make the purchase themselves with comments such as "*buys meat syringe*" and "Adding to cart asap."