The Perfectly Balanced Apple Exists And It's The Golden Delicious

Fall is the season for apples — apple picking, apple pie, and the new caramel apple-flavored Starbucks drink. Fall's fruitiest foods typically feature the apple in the United States, where people grow 2,500 varieties of this seasonal hallmark. While it's difficult to sample every type and determine a favorite, one variety of apple stands out from the rest. The Golden Delicious apple is known for its simultaneously sweet and tart flavor along with its versatility for cooking, baking, and raw snacking. This apple makes a strong case for the best all-around fall fruit.

The Golden Delicious apple visually differentiates itself from the crowd with its golden-yellow skin, often punctuated by pink speckles. Don't be fooled by its subtle hue though; the flavor is perfectly balanced. Whether you're prepping an apple pie, making applesauce, or biting into the fruit raw, a Golden Delicious apple has the qualities you need for a tasty outcome.

What is a Golden Delicious apple?

The Golden Delicious apple (malus domestica) is a prime representative of the fall season's best flavors. It has a crisp texture, sweet, tangy flavor, and festive color, as well as numerous applications for baking and snacking, like easy apple turnovers.

This apple variety was discovered in Clay County, West Virginia in 1891 when a farmer discovered a rogue seedling growing on his land. After the tree started to bear fruit and was cultivated over the course of many years, it was sold to Missouri's Stark Brothers Nursery. Now, the Golden Delicious Apple is a grocery store staple and a fixture in household fruit baskets nationwide. It's also West Virginia's state fruit.

Golden Delicious apples are normally harvested in autumn. Their flavor varies based on when you harvest them. If they get picked from the tree early, then they'll be juicy. If they're harvested late, they'll have a dryer texture. When they're perfectly ripe, they taste sweet and floral with very little acidity.

Golden Delicious apples vs. Red Delicious apples

Golden Delicious and Red Delicious apples are produce section staples, but they have little in common. The difference between Golden Delicious apples and Red Delicious apples is more than just color. They are both aptly named for their golden and red hues, but they have differing tastes and textures as well.

The Red Delicious apple has fresh, sweet floral flavor notes. When you take a bite, you'll probably hear that satisfying crunch. However, there's a chance you'll encounter a mealy interior because this type of apple has a thicker skin. Red Delicious apples receive a good deal of criticism for this trait, as well as for being boring compared to other types of apples.

Golden Delicious apples have a more robust, balanced flavor. They're sweet, but there's a delightful tartness as well that delivers complexity to every bite, which has less crunch than Red Delicious. They're great for baking and cooking, which the latter is not.

What do Golden Delicious apples taste like?

Taking a big, juicy bite out of a Golden Delicious apple is synonymous with chomping on sunshine. Seriously, it's a delight. If you haven't tried one, what are you waiting for? The bright, bold, citrus flavor gets balanced out by sweet and floral notes of honey and it has a satisfyingly tender flesh to nosh on.

Golden Delicious apples are low in acidity. When they get harvested early, they're extra juicy. Unlike other apples, Golden Delicious don't turn brown quickly after they get cut open. This makes them the best type of apple for snacking because you can cut them up and eat them gradually without worrying about oxidation.

They're a good choice for baking as well. Because the Golden Delicious apple is sweeter than average, you'll want to reduce the amount of sugar in your recipes if you choose to bake with them.

Golden Delicious Apple nutrition

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, opting for a Golden Delicious should make you immortal. Apples are widely known as a healthy snack option because they contain numerous essential nutrients and vitamins. You'll see them in healthier food options like salads and offered as a snack in schools and restaurants.

On top of being tasty, apples are high in fiber, offering over 4 grams per apple. Also, a 2003 study showed that eating them regularly can help moderate blood sugar levels. They contain antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium in addition to being low in fat. Apples pack a big nutritional punch in a small package. They contain few calories but elicit big health benefits.

Experts say that eating apples can assist with regulating cholesterol, too. Considering all the health benefits, apples can be a great snack choice and why not make it a Golden Delicious?

Where to buy Golden Delicious Apples

Normally you would have to search for the end of a rainbow to find a pot of gold. Luckily, you can take a shortcut through the produce section at your regular grocery store to locate one. Golden Delicious apples are synonymous with fall. This variety is commonly available at most major grocery outlets during the fall and often into the spring. You can easily stock up because this fruit is widely available for consumers.

Grocery stores aren't the only place where you will find Golden Delicious apples, though. As fall ramps up, the weather turns cool, and the leaves get crunchy, you'll likely see a plethora of Golden Delicious apples — and many other varieties — if you head out to a farmer's market. Alternatively, apple picking makes a superb activity for couples, individuals, and families.

When you're planning your next apple recipe, consider giving Golden Delicious a try.