How To Score Free Taco Bell During The World Series 2023

To no one's surprise (but to the joy of many), Taco Bell is bringing back its fan-favorite MLB promotion to celebrate the World Series. Since 2007, Taco Bell has offered fans the chance to "steal a base, steal a taco..." – well, that is, watch the players steal bases while we get free tacos.

This year is no different, with rewards members set to earn free Doritos Locos tacos as soon as the first player steals a base in the World Series. It's not quite the same as Taco Bell giving away a year of free tacos, but still, pretty darn good.

Fans have the opportunity to earn additional prizes by guessing which player will steal a base first. Those who place their prediction through the Taco Bell app before midnight on October 26 — and guess correctly — will win a free medium drink to go along with their free taco. Free Mountain Dew Baja Blast, here we come!

Taco Bell rewards members could also win $15k

First things first. You might want to download the Taco Bell rewards app if you haven't already, as that's the only way to enter for a chance to win a $15,000 Taco Bell gift card. On October 10, those with the Taco Bell app can potentially get their hands on a free pack of Topps baseball cards, some of which contain special "TacoFractor" cards. To win the $15,000, you need to find a Topps "TacoFractor" card for the player who first steals a base in the World Series.

Even if you don't have the "TacoFractor" card for the 2023 Taco Hero, you could still stand a chance if you find a "wild card," as it can be subbed in for any other player's card. One such wild card was resold on eBay in early September for more than $11,000, which just goes to show how badly people want to get their hands on the grand prize. Honestly, though, considering how fans feel about Taco Bell's Mexican pizza, we can't blame them for wanting a lifetime supply.